The Rotten Apple

youre-rude-its-not-very-niceMRS. Olowoayo was a rich woman. Money wasn’t her problem. She was a successful trader and a socialite. She was married to an elderly man who was in his 60s. Mrs. Olowoayo herself was in her early 50s. She was a party freak.

There was no Owambe party she never attended. Musicians sang her praises to high heaven at every occasion.

Her nickname or alias was Madam Ibadilayewa, meaning ‘the ‘honey pot’ is the core of life.’ And surely her horny pot or backside was exactly where the action and attraction really was. She had a very big and round backside. Even at her age, most young men swooned to have a feel of her enchanting and seductive bottom. She was light-skinned and even beautiful and delectable at her age. She was about 5ft plus in height; she had a way with men that always mesmerized and hypnotized their senses.

Mrs. Olowoayo was a mother of four children whom she had for her husband only. She had become so insulting, saucy and rude to her husband who was a poor man. ‘A beggar has no choice,’ is a popular saying; this had a correlation with the lifestyle of Mrs. Olowoayo’s husband. The elderly man always endured all the insults and abusive words that was his lot from his rich wife.

Another witty aphorism is, ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune,’ this also had a direct correlation with the way Mrs. Olowoayo treated her husband. Most times she always ordered him out of their expansive duplex if she so wishes. There was a time Madam Ibadilayewa had a cause to drive her husband into the rain when she had a male visitor, one of her dates. The elderly man would never forget that experience in his life. Within the next few minutes the elderly man was drenched with rain and he started shivering and gnashing his teeth in the chilly weather. The rich woman solely built the duplex they were living.

Mrs. Olowoayo’s husband had resigned himself to fate with regards to the ill-treatment he always got from his brash and wayward wife. The man couldn’t perform energetically when it came to lovemaking, so Madam Ibadilayewa wouldn’t stomach a such thing. Although she had reached the age of menopause but she indulged in extramarital affairs to ease her sexual thirst. Madam Ibadilayewa was so loose, love-wise. She enjoyed being with sexually-active men, with the libido of a male horse. She never got tired of dating gigolos when her pubic region itched her.

Her husband often wondered why she was so passionate and fantastic when it came to dating men. However, he couldn’t control her; her case was beyond redemption, so he watched and endured her wayward behaviour, despite the fact that he hated her guts, he suffered in silence.

Tongues had started wagging in the neighbourhood regarding the lifestyle of Madam Ibadilayewa. Rumours had spread like wildfire about how she put her gentle husband inside her purse like money, and would toss him anyhow she liked. People said she must have charmed the man with juju or voodoo because of the man’s inaction and silence.

Some of the rumours came to the hearing of the woman herself and so she made up her mind to leave her main house to rent a three-bedroom flat in another town so that she could have all the freedom to do whatever she liked without anybody raising an eyebrow. Now in her new abode, Mrs. Ibadilayewa felt she had all the freedom in the whole world to do anything she liked. Her old husband wouldn’t dare pay her a visit because he would land in big trouble.

In fact, she had warned him several times not to venture coming to see her in her tastefully furnished three-bedroom flat, tucked away in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos. Everyday different men would come to her apartment to see her and ease their romantic tension. Some would come with big cars and others would come with chattered taxis. There was no gainsaying the fact that Mrs. Olowoayo alias Ibadilayewa enjoyed every bit of her promiscuous lifestyle.

“Let me enjoy my life,” she used to say, “life is all about fun and merriment! No bastard can control me ‘cos I have every right to use the ‘honey pot’ in between my legs! Life is sweet!”

And so neighbours watched in awe and surprise the way Mrs. Olowoayo used and dump men everyday. She changed men the way chameleon changes colour. All these men came in different hues and dimensions. Some were fat while some slim. Some were tall while others were short. It mustn’t be forgotten that Mrs. Ibadilayewa loved pot-bellied men so much. She had an unusual knack for hooking pot-bellied men.

About four months after Mrs. Ibadilayewa packed into her beautifully furnished flat, she started dating a cow merchant. The tall, dark-skinned and fat merchant was in his late 30s. One month into the relationship a miraculous thing happened. Mrs. Ibadilayewa became pregnant! It was the height of lasciviousness, for this development looked strange and unbelievable because she was absolutely in her menopause. She quickly went to see her doctor for medical check-up. She desperately wanted an abortion because she didn’t want the baby. The doctor was shocked at his findings. He had this to say:

“You’re definitely pregnant Mrs. Olowoayo. But it’s a risky thing to do an abortion. You confessed that you don’t need the baby, why do you indulge in lovemaking without protection when you know it could be dangerous?” the doctor asked, really flabbergasted.

“Please, doctor just bail me out,” she begged, “I never knew I could be pregnant again at my age. I’m ready to pay anything for the abortion, just go ahead and do it because I don’t want to mother a child again at this point in time.”

“Okay, Mrs. Olowoayo, but it’s a very dangerous thing,” the doctor said thoughtfully, “for this operation to become successful. Your life is at great risk in future. Your life is on the line. I repeat, stop making unprotected sexual relationships.”

So that eventful day the highly experienced doctor carried out the abortion. It was painful and rigorous but it was successful. And for the umpteenth time the medical doctor warned her not to indulge in unprotected sex again as it could be fatal. Mrs. Ibadilayewa went home that day, but like they say, ‘the leopard doesn’t change its spot.’ She went into her old habits once again when the trauma and pain of abortion was gone. The sexually virile cow merchant came again and they engaged in passionate lovemaking. Before one could say Ibadi (bottom) she was pregnant again for the cow merchant; that was exactly two months later. She was really hooked on her wayward and loose ways.

“I’m pregnant for you again Akela, for the second time in four months,” she said.

“You’d better go for an abortion again Ibadilayewa,” the cow merchant insinuated, “that’s the only solution to the proble.”
“I’ll see my doctor tomorrow for the abortion,” she said confidently.

Pronto, Mrs. Ibadilayewa was at the hospital the following day to see her doctor. But this particular time the doctor was really agitated and apprehensive to go ahead with the abortion. He was really worried. Mrs. Olowoayo mounted pressure on him to do the abortion all the same. The doctor refused bluntly. Mrs. Ibadilayewa went home undeterred but with the connivance of her cow merchant lover they visited a local pharmacy.

Some drugs for abortion were recommended for her. She took it. Some few hours after this, she started vomiting and bleeding. She was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, on the way she gave up the ghost. She died at the gate of the hospital. Her cow merchant lover ran away when it dawned on him that Ibadilayewa had collapsed and died. The man was never seen again.

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