The many tragedies of love – Part 2



(Continued from last Saturday)

That month, the case came up in the court. And in the presence of her parents, she divorced Taju.

“You will regret your action Deola!” Taju swore on leaving the court premises that day.

“You can do nothing,” Deola replied.

A year later, Kola, Deola’s first love, who had been transferred out of Lagos to Kaduna, was posted back to Lagos. He met Deola one Thursday morning on his way to the office. Kola was surprised to see her, and the same for Deola.

“How are you?” Kola asked. “Fine…and you?” Deola asked. “I am fine too…long time no see!” Kola said. “How about your husband?” Kola demanded.

“Oh! Kola,” she sighed, “it is a long story, but now we have finally parted ways, I can’t cope with him. I am sorry, Kola for all that happened. Please, accept my deepest and sincere apology.

“It wasn’t my intention to marry Taju…I was forced to marry him by my parents. I still love you. You have a special place in my heart. Even all along while that botched marriage lasted, I was always thinking of you. It is not easy to forget a man loving, caring and understanding as you. I love you, Kola,” she said, crying softly.

“Please, Kola,” she begged, “try and understand, for the past one year, I have not met any man of my choice.”

“I love you too, Deola, but I am afraid your parents doesn’t like me, and I don’t know why. You know something, since we parted ways, I have not found the right girl…I still sincerely love you from my heart of hearts,” he responded.

“Oh…Kola,” she said, “my parents have now learnt their lessons…I don’t think they would ever make that grievous mistake again.

“Check me when you are back from office…I will be waiting for you,” she said.

So, Kola left her, though sadly, that morning. It actually seemed they were both meant for each other, for there was this magnetic pull that always brought them together.

Kola was tall and handsome, a six-footer and light-skinned. But one thing kept worrying his mind. Would he not stir the hornet’s nest this second time around if he engages in an affair with Deola? This question kept worrying his mind at the office that day.

In the night when Kola returned from his place of work, he went straight to Deola’s house, as appointed. This time around, Deola’s parents greeted him well and showed more interest in him by their courtesy. The affair had thus begun again.

About six months into the relationship, Deola was five months pregnant for Kola. Without much ado, a marriage ceremony was in the offing, as Deola’s parents finally agreed to let Deola marry her genuine sweetheart, Kola.

The marriage ceremony was to be held on the last Saturday of the month of November. But great danger lurked around the corner for the two lovers. Taju, the boisterous, merciless and brutish former husband of Deola, had gotten wind of the marriage and had vowed to make the marriage ceremony a disaster for the Arowolos.

The marriage ceremony had begun in earnest when surprisingly, Taju appeared with about 10 hefty thugs, who disorganised and ruffled the well-wishers at the occasion.

Taju himself made straight for Deola, holding something like a tin in his right hand, as he walked straight to the altar.

“What have you come here to do?” Deola roared. Without answering her, Taju opened the tin and emptied the contents on Deola. Acid! God, it was acid! He poured the whole content on her, as Deola wailed in pains.

“Oh Jesus, I am burning!” she cried. Her whole body, right from face, started taking a monstrous shape. She fell down. Instantly, Kola rushed to her and tried to help, but there was nothing he could do…

(To be concluded next Saturday)

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