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Decorative-Ceilings-3+++-CopyA DECORATIVE ceiling adds drama and visual interest to a room. It it can also be used to hide minor construction flaws. Simply using medallions and rosettes can hide holes where lighting fixtures or fans have been removed. The use of wallpaper and pressed tin panels are useful for covering cracks, smoothing bumps and erasing stains left by leaking roof. If carefully chosen, a decorative ceiling can bring out the best architectural elements of a home.

This type of ceiling includes pvc ceilings strips, pop ceiling and ceiling tiles of different materials.
This type of ceiling comes in different shapes, styles and colours. There are domed ceiling and oblong ones; painted and sprayed ones; light and dark ones; tiled or box types; and metal and acoustic ceilings.

It is worth noting that that the ceiling can be manipulated to conform to one’s taste and preference in the manner it is handled. By applying the right knowledge in the selecting the colour of paint to use, a room can be changed to align with one’s purpose.

White is a preferred choice of colour for ceilings for a lot of people. However, a change from that conventional colour to something else is capable of producing an appealing effect. When the height is far above the head, a darker colour will make it appear lower and create more intimacy for the room.

The ceiling determines the height of a room. A large room can do with geometric patterns on the ceilings. Adding a cornice is another way to give it character. Even house dressings like window blinds may be determined by the ceiling.

The ceiling height should be taken into account when handling fixtures such as lightning and fan, to avoid endangering life and property. For example, a low ceiling will better do with ceiling fans that will not drop low.

Like other parts of the house, the ceiling should be handled with care during installation and cleaning to avoid

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