Some Important Things To Do After Your Event

EVENT-7-8-15-CopyAn event planner’s job is not finished yet just after the last guest has left the event venue. Event planners must realize that post event activities are important parts of an event life cycle that must not be left out or taken lightly as they greatly impact on the overall success of every event.
In this article, we take a look at some of the critical tasks to be done after an event is over.


Everyone who has contributed to the success of your event must be appreciated. Be sure to include your event staff, vendors, speakers and attendees in your acknowledgement lists. People love to be appreciated and trust me, if you do this, you are most likely going to have your participants’ loyalty and they will be glad to be back at your event the next time you need them to.

This can however be quite difficult a task gathering people’s contact information. To make the work easier, be sure to set up a good database in advance at the point of registration (for corporate event) or while making your guest list and you would easily be able to export their details for this vital post event activity.

Get feedbacks

Whether you are planning to host the event again or you need to ascertain if you met your set objectives, you will need to obtain feedbacks from your event attendees. Many of your event participants will be very willing to provide feedbacks during your event, so it will be very wise to have prepared for this as part of your event planning activities. Either you would use a paper survey or an online equivalent, be sure to make it brief and available to attendees immediately after the event.

Examine yourselves

After the ‘thank you’ notes have been sent out and the feedbacks obtained, it is now time to look inwards. Together with your event team, you need to assess whether or not the event met stated objectives and evaluate what you did well and what areas to improve on at the next event. At this time also, you need to celebrate victories with your event staff. This is very necessary to help them maintain the feeling that their contributions are important to the success of the group.

Update your event website

Plan for a website update as soon as your event is over. Include highlights of the event and the best contents. Also post information about the next year’s edition if it’s an annual event. These are very important because your website is your primary marketing tool for your event career.


I can bet this is one thing most event planners do not always remember to do. After the long days, weeks or even months of rigorous work planning the just concluded event, you need to celebrate the success and take quality time to relax before jumping off to start preparing for the next project.
If you had an event in a city different from where you are based, take time out to enjoy the place. Don’t be so rigid that all you see while traveling round for your events are the airports, your hotel rooms and your event venues. Spend a few extra days each time to have a feel of the new environment.

In conclusion

Post event activities are very critical. The engagement, sharing, evaluation and feedbacks, all keep us connected with our audience and give us the information we need to improve for the future. There is therefore every need to plan for these post-event activities as thoughtfully and carefully as we do the event itself so that we can make the most of this opportunity to build our audience and evolve our events.

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