Seven Days To Golgotha (2)

Continued from last Saturday

HE made the sign of the cross with it and beckoned on the troubled man to follow him. The prophet was holding the Holy Bible in his right hand.

Deep down within Seun Atolagbe’s mind, he was afraid, really afraid. To be on the same spot for seven odd days was suicidal to say the least. Come rain, come shine, under the heavy dew of the early morning, night and day will break and he must not leave the spot, on a strange mountain! All these terrorized his mind and he became more worried, hopeless and afraid that death was actually playing tricks on him. This, he thought, was a big sacrifice to pay for his freedom and survival, but he wondered what would happen to him during those seven odd days he would be alone with his God and destiny.

It was a great trek to the mountain called Okeigbala. It was a long and bushy path they trudged. The path was also very windy. There were tall trees and thorny shrubs surrounding the path, which bore the footprints of animals such as monkeys and other wild beasts of the jungle. Birds of different species perched on trees, chirruping and twittering in an ominous manner. The prophet of God was leading in front while Seun followed behind with his heart filled with fear and anxiety. “God, where is your face?” he mumbled in desperation.

About 40 minutes later they were now at Mount Okeigbala. Seun was extremely tired and weak. The two people climbed up the rugged mountain. The prophet was chanting and reciting some powerful spiritual quotes when they ascended the high mountain, and the weather was getting colder. A couple of minutes later they got to the top of the mountain. Seun was really fagged out.

“Seun, kneel down here and let me anoint you with the Holy Spirit,” the prophet said. Seun knelt down instantly, but with trepidation.

“I’ll do your bidding, holy one,” he replied in total submission and obedience. The prophet stretched his hands wide apart and raised it towards the sky.

He then placed his right hand on Seun’s head and repeated some psalms while gazing at the sky. Seun all the while was just saying, “Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!” repeatedly.

“Now, Seun, lie down on your belly on this spot. This is where you’ll stay for the seven days of the great dry fasting. You must not leave this spot, no matter what,” the prophet warned, “I’ll take my leave now, Seun. Don’t leave this spot no matter what, I repeat.”

“I heard you, holy one…It’s okay,” Seun replied gently, tears almost dropping from his eyes.

The prophet took three steps backward and walked out of sight, leaving Seun all alone. The first day went by on Mount Okeigbala, and so was the second. Seun was still on the same spot. Then on the third day something spectacular happened! It was around 1p.m. The scorching sun was very harsh on the skin of Seun. Suddenly, smoke started coming out from the mountain, very close to where Seun placed his head. It was a thick smoke that engulfed the whole area. And like a bolt out of the blue an albino man emerged from the ground. The albino man was putting on a black clothe. Seun was transfixed with morbid fear.

“Ha! Haa!! Haaa!!!” the albino erupted in an evil-foreboding and ominous laughter.

“You think by doing this the curse I placed on your great, great grandfather would be lifted? Take a look at my hands. This is your SUCCESS and JOY! I am the one who has been tormenting your generation with troubles. Your great, great grandfather by name Chief Atolagbe II ordered me to be sacrificed to the gods just because I was apprehended by his team of cultists and ritualists during their procession. And I was buried alive despite the fact that I begged and pleaded for mercy and leniency! I was buried alive! That very day I placed a terrible curse on his family and generation yet unborn, that they will continue to suffer untold hardship. There’s nothing you can do; even the prophet have no power over me! Ha! Haa!! Haaa!!!”

At the mention of the prophet, a sound like thunderclap was heard, and the prophet of God, who brought Seun to the mountain, appeared from nowhere and stood still in front of the evil albino. It was like a bad dream to the utterly bewildered and fear-stricken Seun!

The prophet of God was holding a Bible in his right hand and a silver rod in the other. The prophet burst into a spiritual song and chanted:

“Oh, that men would praise the Lord, for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men! Today, He has broken the gate of brass and has cut the bars of iron asunder! I bind you, evil albino, evil for evil! May all the bad things you wish this man turn to joy as from today! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Seun has triumphed over his enemies today! Thou God Almighty shall break the evil curse today so that he can chant and praise your hallowed name for all generations to come! Evil one, today Seun has escaped from you! Nothing hinders the fishes in the deep of the ocean! Nothing hinders the birds from flying in the vast sky! The big tree crashes, but he has already escaped! Gone! He shall continue to glorify and praise your name, O Holy One of Israel! Today, the curse is lifted by the sanctified halo and blessings of the Almighty God! Amen and Amen!

“Go back to hell, evil one. I command you to give me this man’s SUCCESS and JOY! Give it back to me, I command you right now!”

Instantly, the albino gave a white substance in his right hand to the prophet. There was thick smoke hovering over the entire area. The prophet moved closer to Seun and touched his forehead with the holy Bible three times.

He made the sign of the cross on him with the silver iron rod. The albino staggered back and disappeared out of sight with strange cries echoing through the whole mountain.

“Get up, Seun,” the prophet said in a calm tone, “your troubles and problems are over. You can now go home. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!! I’m happy for you!” he said excitedly.

When Seun got up he felt as if a heavy load had been lifted off his head. The prophet accompanied him on his way down Mount Okeigbala and told him which way to go.

It was around 6p.m. when Seun got home that day. One of his neighbours, a young man in his early twenties, rushed towards him and handed him three letters that had been waiting for him a couple of days ago. One of the letters was from Chevron Oil Company – a letter of employment. And the second was from a Bank he had written a dozen of times without reply – it was also a letter of employment. The third was a letter from the American Embassy; he was given multiple visa to the United States. Seun was the happiest man on earth! He couldn’t hide his joy that day – July 3rd, year 2013! His sorrows and heartaches was blotted out instantly and completely. Once again, God showed His awesomeness!

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