Secrets Of Attraction

MaritalSexSECRETS are not what people hide; they are what people don’t know even if they see it. What are the things that make people notice you, looking your direction and wanting to come along? Why would people want you, look for you and hold on to you? Why will someone love you for a long time? Why will someone forgive you for an offence because they don’t want to lose you? I will tell you something.

A good look. And I don’t necessarily mean wearing sexy dress or clothes to ‘seduce’ your husband or wife, as the case may be. I mean being clean.

Your spouse should not be reluctant to kiss or hug you. Stay clean and fresh for the person you share your body with. Smiles are charming. Reserve that for your spouse. It is a relief; a release. Don’t hide it; don’t withdraw it. Smiles give hope, strength and courage. A genuine smile is contagious.

Let your spouse feel your smile in the chats, in the voice. It is so welcoming. A sweet lip. And I don’t mean ‘wet lips,’ ‘chocolate lips’ or whatever.

I mean words. The Bible says everyone will kiss a man that gives a right answer (Proverbs 24 vs 26). Lying lips are abomination to the Lord (Proverbs 12 vs 22).

Don’t be a talebearer that reveals secret. “A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth; and a word spoken in due season, how good is it” (Proverbs 15 vs 23). Season your words and speeches with grace. Bad mouth drives people away. More so, people can guess your heart from your mouth.

A helping hand. Be a help and you will always be needed. Be resourceful. Be eager to support and assist your spouse. Everybody needs help. As you relate with your spouse, find out what you can do to help, not replace. Give suggestions, assist in prayers.

Help with the chores. Help run errands. We seek God because He is present help in time of need. Always ask: “What can I do for you?” “In what ways can I be of help?” A long temper. The Bible says anger rest in the bosom of fools. It is foolish to be angry with your spouse, especially when you have not learnt how to channel your temper constructively.

There are people whose wife will run out of the house when they are angry. Some men won’t come home because of their wife’s temper. The Bible says that love is not easily provoked. You can be easily assertive without being provocative. You can disagree without misunderstanding.

A satisfying meal. People like food. All over the world, giving food is one way of showing hospitality. Know how to treat your husband when he returns from travel.

Prepare his favourite meal. Buy a special movie or music to welcome him. What is wrong if you prepare special dishes, such as pepper soup, etc for your wife? Jesus came eating and drinking. Learn how to prepare special dishes. Learn how to treat the feet. Know how to take care of the sick. You will be of much value.

A wise heart. Some people have their heads full, but their hearts empty. Wisdom is how to best apply knowledge. Find right answers. Resolving puzzles and complexes are needed in this world. Wisdom is received from God, from elders, from experiences.

Have your heart properly enlightened. Your children would need it. You may need it to guide your home rightly. A God-fearing soul. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

This is not just religion, but a conscientious person. If you consider God and truth and justice and fairness before you take an action or say anything, people will trust you. Your husband’s heart will be at peace. Your wife will be safe. The fear of God is the fear of nothing else. -E. C. Samuel 08027173447

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