Reasons why you should quit pornography

image source thefrisky

image source thefrisky

It is no longer news that a good number of married couples and individuals learnt about sex through pornography.

When puberty gets hold of an innocent, naive child, the curiosity to know more about the erect and firm penis and the sprouting of the breast pushes many to ask questions in this 21st Century, when sex education is gradually being accepted by all.

But it used to be a taboo to talk about sex and our parents didn’t take that lightly, as that child was expected to be thinking of how to graduate in flying colors.

Although this has reduced, but we still have parents who are uninformed and when children find themselves with such parents, they often resort to the Internet, romantic novels and pornographic videos.

Painfully, the churches shy away from talking about sex and that makes so many individuals to learn the act of sexual intimacy, instead of understanding God’s purpose for sex.

In many churches, even couples that are due to be married shouldn’t discuss sex and sexuality. A good number of marriage counseling departments in our churches, sadly, are led by the wrong people.

Pornography has destroyed homes and has painted a wrong picture of sex to many individuals who feel that if they do not attain a particular standard, form and performance, as demonstrated by porn stars, their sex life is a failure and a mess.

We have so many wrong information on sex, which pornography has transmitted over the years, and it is wise for anyone under the influence of pornography to understand that there is a great difference between pornography and sexual intimacy.

Pornography gives men the impression that if a lady is not of a particular shape or size or height, then having sex with her is not acceptable.

It was pornography that taught us what figures and shapes are great for sex and how a woman with a big breast and hips will make you enjoy sex much more than a lady who has small hips and breast.

It gave men the impression that it is only a big and long penis that can make a woman cry or yearn for more sex, and this has pushed them into seeking ways to enhance the penis size, so that they can impress the ladies. This, they do, at the expense of their health.

Pornography also gave women the impression that if a man’s penis is not up to six inches when erect and as hard as Iroko wood, she won’t be able to enjoy sex or reach orgasm or squirt, like the porn stars do, and because of that, they won’t be comfortable with a man whose penis is of average size.

But in reality, irrespective of the size, shape and the type of body an individual may have- tall or short, big or small- sex can be great and awesome if you can put your mind not on the size of your organ, but on the size of your love and appreciation of your spouse.

Men perceive sex as a competition where they spend little time in foreplay and almost all the time in spanking, banging, hitting and smashing the vagina until the lady begins to cry or beg to take a break.

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