Pregnant and chic

Pregnancy comes with a lot of body changes. Most women during this period are forced to tune down on their dress sense since they have a lot of hormonal changes to deal with. As pregnancy progresses, there is a need to dress this changing body differently, which can be a major fashion challenge for even the trendiest mom-to-be.

However, no rule states that you can’t be as fashionable as you were before your pregnancy as styling and grooming doesn’t need to stop. Whether you are working, hanging out or a stay-at-home preggi, you can look great at anytime.

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy generally, a woman gives off more glow than never seen before. So stay calm and show your baby bump-love this period as this is going to be your lifetime experience.

First things first, the best time to get out and shop for maternity clothes is when you discover you are pregnant. Shopping is a great stress buster, and you’ll love the feeling of shopping for the most special period of your life. While shopping for some loose clothes, keep in mind to shop for seasonal clothing too.

Always wear clothes that are comfortable and make you happy and confident in any of the situation. Maternity outfits really can make you feel plain, if you have a brand/style of clothing that feels good on you, you can get a size or two bigger to still keep you in that glow.

Some women during this period would opt for their husband’s clothing since it suits better, there are so many comfy alternatives from leggings, maternity jeans and dresses. Be sure to embrace your bump. Make the best of this period

Do not be afraid of colours. Pregnant women tend to wear dark colours that give them a slimmer look. Wear colours of different shades that flatter your new curves.

During pregnancy, do stick to flat sandals and shoes and avoid high heels at all costs, if you can.

Do enjoy your Pregnancy and remain Chic!

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