On Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s Sucecess Story

Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi

If you meet the Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, for the very first time, you are unlikely to be able to match his towering of 20 years old church to his slim frame.

It is not only because of his modesty, it has a lot to do with his unassuming personality. For many, his humility is rather uncommon. He almost likes to understate himself.

But unknown to many, he is a man who loves the challenges that come with building a vibrant new generation church in a decadent society like Nigeria.

His main mission with Daystar Church, he has said, is to groom potential leaders for the country in the various sectors who can impact on the society. He not only wants to train members of the church to be able to affect their society positively, but to be able to stand up to correct things when they are going wrong in their environment. Although he is successful today, Pastor Adeyemi has also had rough patches in life.

Just about 26 years ago, he was a graduate looking for a job, wondering how he would make it in life. He tried to get a job to no avail. As a last resort, he even thought of travelling overseas. He got his letter of invitation, got a ticket, bought the Basic Travel Allowance (BTA), packed his bags, luggage and even had a send-off party planned by his friend. But he could not realise his dream of travelling as the consular officer at the embassy of the country he wanted to travel to, asked him to go and get a document, which he was unable to get.

The whole arrangement crumbled. So he was back to square one. Things were tight, hopes dashed. But then he held on, believing that the future will bring good things. Today, his belief and perseverance has paid off, as he has made success of his life.

He is married to Adenike, an architect who pastors with him, and they are blessed with lovely children.

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