No second chance – Part 3

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(Continued from last week Saturday)

For five months, Lanre became withdrawn and morose, never talking to anybody, always angry and moody. He was actually going out of his mind, really going bananas. He wanted to kill himself.

Lanre’s problem worsened when he heard, through the grapevine, that Foluke got married to a rich man. He knew it must be that same man who came to see her on the fateful day he went to their house with his uncle and two friends.

This news and development further devastated and knocked him out. The situation affected him physically and he became lean, gaunt and pessimistic. He wouldn’t eat at home, as he went on hunger strike. Anytime he talked, it was about Foluke’s disappointment and betrayal.

A year later, Lanre was still jobless when he met and fell in love with another young lady called Oyin. He had thought he would never fall in love again, but somehow, Oyin’s natural charisma and character changed that opinion.

Oyin was tall, light-skinned, charming and very pretty. She was a harbinger of good luck, as Lanre got a job as an engineer in an oil company based in Lagos and his life changed suddenly for the better.

For many years, Lanre and Foluke didn’t get to see each other. He was now married to Oyin and had a baby boy through her. It was surprising that the young, handsome little boy shared the same birthday with Foluke and also had facial resemblance to her, and this remained a mystery to Lanre. The boy was named Yomi. So, each year when they marked Yomi’s birthday, Lanre was always full of memories of his romance with Foluke.

It was learnt that Foluke married Owonikoko, who already had three wives. For many years after marrying the polygamous chief, Foluke couldn’t bear a child. She was now 38, but still childless.

Lanre, on the other hand, had been blessed with three children.

Wonders shall never cease. During Lanre’s second house-warming in highbrow Lekki Phase 2 in Victoria Island, Lagos, something spectacular happened. Lanre had close to five posh cars in his compound. He was simply rich. One of the invited guests was Foluke herself.

A female colleague in her place of work had invited her, not knowing that the celebrant (Lanre) was her old boyfriend. Foluke was shocked and dumbfounded to discover that the celebrant was Lanre. Lanre was busy chatting with guests when he stumbled on Foluke. It was a day filled with great surprises.

Instantly, Foluke got up and for a long while, didn’t know what to say. She was really troubled and fidgety. She ran her hands on her palms and wanted to say ‘congratulations,’ but the word was too big for her lips. She trembled and was jittery, really nervous.

She moved closer to him and shook her head regretfully. Tears came streaming down her face the next minute. People were watching the unfolding drama.

“Forgive me, Lanre,” she begged. “I’m so sorry for the way my parents and I treated you. I really don’t know what to say…will you give me a second chance?” she was really weeping.

“Second chance?” Lanre asked. “Foluke, that has become history. I am happily married to a woman who loves me for who I am and who makes me happy. I’m very sorry. Foluke, but there’s no second chance for you. Have a nice day.”

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No second chance
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