Nigerians celebrate their mothers love

My Mum is the best gift God gave me and her grandchildren, said Elizabeth Aniete. My mother had an overarching presence in our home, our education and overall upbringing. When I got married, she took my husband as her son and treated him just like she did my brothers. She visited my marital home often; always there when we needed her the most, bearing gifts and just being there for my family and I.

Even now at 63 years of age, my mother’s influence in Opeoluwa’s (now 5 years old) upbringing is inestimable. From mealtimes to attending school events, her impact on the wellbeing of Opeoluwa cannot not be taken for granted.

A nutritionist by profession and retired teacher of home economics, her passion on proper hygiene and nutrition for growing children hasn’t changed one bit. She is always eager to share new things with me.

The most noteworthy of her gesture was last year, when she showed up during mid-term break with 4 packs of Peak 456 growing-up milk for Opeoluwa. She said she heard about it from a pediatrician, during one of her medical checkups and stopped at Shoprite in Ibadan, on her way to Lagos.

We laughed as I opened up the kitchen pantry to show her I had already started giving Opeoluwa, Peak 456 Growing Up Milk.

Together we marvelled at how easy it is to be equipped with the right knowledge on child nutrition, be it from the internet, peer mums or doctors. Also, my mum believes in sticking to routines to ensure meals have adequate nutrition, – especially Opeoluwa’s.

Hence, together we ensure Opeoluwa’s breakfast of either cereals, pancakes or tea is made with Peak 456 Growing Up Milk and a glass of milk after dinner.

My mother is the best gift God gave me; I have the best relationship with my children today and it is all thanks to my mum and her selfless heart of love.

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