Man Who Married The Devil!

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SIDI was a very jealous woman. Her jealousy was so legendary that she could be called the queen of all jealous women the world over.

Her husband, Mr. Beyiose was under her watchful eyes and close surveillance every day and night. Mr. Beyiose must not turn his head to greet any woman or show the slightest pleasantry or courtesy to a female. If he did Sidi would think he was dating that particular woman or lady.

She was also very hot-tempered, and could flare up at any moment, particularly when she suspected her husband was dating a woman. Sidi and Mr. Beyiose had been married for 17 years and she had three children already for her husband but still she had a deep distrust for her husband who actually had no interest whatsoever in dating another woman.

Ever since they got married, Mr. Akanbi Beyiose had no intention of having any extramarital affairs at all. He was satisfied and content with his dear wife and he had always drummed it in her ears several times but she still had this big and mountainous doubt in her mind that her husband was dating someone and should be checked and monitored every time.

Sidi’s restless and unnecessary jealousy got to a diabolic and satanic twist when she consulted a powerful herbalist or juju man to do a potent juju medicine that would make her husband impotent so that he wouldn’t be able to have any sexual affair with anybody, including herself. She was a light-skinned, tall and enchantingly beautiful woman.

“Baba, I beg you in the name of our ancestors,” Sidi said to the great herbalist, “just make him impotent or sterile so that his manhood will be useless and ineffective for life.”

“That’s no problem my daughter,” the old herbalist replied beaming with smile, “the gods are powerful. Just pay the thirty thousand naira I charge you and I’ll render his manhood useless throughout his life.”

“This is N50,000 baba,” she replied happily, “thanks, and keep the change.”

The old herbalist instantly handed her a small magic amulet and told her how to use it.

Sidi got home that day and used the potent juju amulet given to her by the powerful old herbalist. Surprisingly it worked. Mr. Beyiose’s manhood failed to work effectively. For three weeks consecutively his manhood was weak and so the hardworking businessman had become impotent just like that. He consulted his doctors but there was no solution medically. He didn’t give up hope.

Mr. Beyiose was a very religious man who believed in the efficacy of prayers and the Almighty God. So he went into fervent prayer sessions at his place of worship and with strict spiritual tenets, following the Holy Scriptures, Almighty God miraculously rescued him from total impotence.

The fourth week, Sidi was shocked when her husband suddenly called to make love to her and his manhood was more turgid than ever before. She wondered how her husband overcame such powerful snares of juju! It was a mystery among all mysteries. Mr. Beyiose actually knew where the evil arrow came from, through divine vision, but he kept his cool and pretended as if he was ignorant.

The second wicked plot by Sidi was more devastating. She quickly consulted another great herbalist and juju man with the intention of destroying and wrecking the financial strength of her rich husband. She believed that if Mr. Beyiose’s financial muscle was destroyed or ruined he wouldn’t have the means of having another wife or engaging in any extramarital affairs. So she told the evil herbalist, this time around to make him poor. It’s a fact that women love men with good money in their pockets and fat bank accounts. Sidi believed that if her husband suddenly became poor, no woman would date him let alone consider him as a potential husband or lover. She gave the herbalist and juju man one hundred thousand naira to prepare a fetish ritual that would finally make her husband as poor as a church rat.

Pronto, the fetish ritual was prepared and it began to work as expected. Mr. Beyiose was a successful businessman who was a dealer in plumbing materials. Suddenly, his business suffered a terrible setback and downturn. His customers all deserted him like a plague. His shops were deserted by many customers for no justified reasons.

Even his formerly loyal customers snubbed him and patronized his competitors and rivals. For three months, Mr. Beyiose’s businesses headed for doom and disaster. He couldn’t meet up with his bills and he had to sell two of his favourite cars to survive and pay his bills.

Without being told, he knew this wasn’t natural, normal or ordinary. He became more closer to Almighty God like never before and he indulged in extraordinary fervent prayers to bail himself out of the misery of poverty. Exactly a month later, things started taking a better shape as his business that was heading for doom and gloom suddenly picked up and he earned millions as profits on weekly basis. He had special reasons to thank Almighty God for His awesome blessings. He even ventured into the business of oil and gas to the shock and surprise of his evil wife. He had never had it so good. Amazingly, he also had business links with foreign partners in the UK and USA. He started earning foreign currencies to the heartbreaking chagrin and annoyance of his overjealous and overbearing wife.

The third and ‘last straw’, like they always say, was the plot by Sidi to incapacitate her loving and handsome husband. She hired some thugs and paid them huge money just to waylay and incapacitate her darling husband. Since she had tried various fetish means to destroy Mr. Beyiose, and it didn’t work, she felt that making him useless like a disabled person would make women run away from him.

The hired thugs went after the innocent businessman and cornered him in an attempt to beat him till he would suffer injuries that would make him disabled for life. Mr. Beyiose was a dark-skinned, tall, huge and handsome man. Surprisingly, he beat the four thugs to submission and they confessed who sent them on their evil mission. When he got home that day, he told Sidi point-blank that he had had enough of her satanic manipulations. Sidi begged him but it was too late.

The following day he went to the court and filed for divorce. He divorced Sidi and after the separation told her never to cross his path again. The elderly Lagos Court Chief Judge gave him custody of his three lovely children. Sidi later led a sorrowful, lonely and painful life without a husband. Mr. Beyiose later met and married a gentle, loving, nice and unassuming lady by name Anuoluwapo, meaning: ‘God’s mercy is bountiful’. Anu, for short, made his dreams come true. She loved him so much, and bore two handsome boys for him. And they lived happily ever after.

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