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Another Valentine’s season is here again and despite the economic recession in the country, a lot of people still intend to enjoy the day as much as possible, even though it falls on a weekday. The Guardian sought out people’s opinions on what Valentine’s Day gifts they bought for their significant other and want they would like to receive. Why don’t you take a cue from them!

She said:
Oluwadamilola Obakoya (Student)
“I am not in any relationship presently and I don’t know how I will spend the day yet. I didn’t get any gift for anyone but I would love a romantic dinner, a beautiful dress and a Valentine cake as a surprise.”

Afoke Ogbogho (Temp Staff)
“I’m not in any relationship for now, so I didn’t get any gift for anyone. But I would love for someone to surprise me with a spa treatment, box of chocolates, bottle of perfume, a romantic dinner on the beach and to watch a romantic movie together after the beach dinner.

Ogunbade Oluwafunke (Self-Employed)
My children are my Valentines, so I intend to face them squarely. I want to be surprised with a nice bottle of perfume and I would spend the day with my kids and buy them chocolate as that is what they like.

Eniola Ayanda (Student)
I don’t have any special someone so I won’t be getting anybody anything. But I want someone to surprise me with anything nice. I would be spending the day at work but things can change later at night.

Folake Adeyemi (Businesswoman)
I have been thinking what to gift him and I have finally decided to surprise him with some jewellery and a Dubai trip for a few days. He has been so wonderful and I think he deserves it. As for what I want, he already knows what I want, as I have been hinting at it since last year.

Chinasa Eze (Banker)
I want jewellery, chocolate and clothes from him. I have already gotten him a designer’s wristwatch and some beautiful shoes, so he needs to deliver or else I would return his gifts. (Laughing)

He said;
Adewunmi Ososanya (Admin Officer)
My wife is my Valentine and I intend on spending the day with her when I get back from work and taking her out for a romantic dinner. I am getting her a nice bottle of perfume she has been eyeing for a while. She has given me the greatest gift I could ever ask from her, which is the baby we are expecting and I don’t need any other thing from her.

Onyekwe George (Trader)
My wife is my valentine and I would take her and my children out for a night out in town, at least to celebrate life, if not any other thing. She loves meat so I would buy her enough meat to eat as well as juice and a bottle of perfume. All I want from her is a bottle of good wine and I am okay.

Obajimi Ismail (Building Contractor)
I have a wife and she is my valentine for the day. I am going to buy her a nice set of lingerie and anything she gives me is fine. I’ll take her out to eat and enjoy herself.

Damian Daudu (Student)
I am going to gift her perfume and teddy bear and what I want as gift is a million dollars (laughing)

Anthony Owoyemi (Fashion Designer)
I am getting my woman a bottle of perfume and something special, which I wont, reveal yet. She can get anything she wants for me, probably wine and T-shirts. I would also love a romantic dinner to conclude the night.

Sulaimon Olanrewaju (Architect)
I am getting her some flowers and taking her out to dinner. I really don’t know what to get her, but I would be happy if she gives me perfume. I love perfumes.

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