Maintaining The Loss

BodiworksSO, you have reached your target size and weight after months of reduced portions and working out. You have even shopped and changed your wardrobe.

That old pair of jeans finally fits and your self-confidence is on an all time high (those compliments don’t hurt, do they?). But what is the way forward now? This is actually the tricky part. You obviously can’t stay on the weight loss programme forever. It is not healthy to be underweight.

Maintaining weight loss is quite easy, although not as easy, as putting it all back on, but it is definitely easier than having to lose it all again. So, pay attention.

This is the time for introducing some foods that were not allowed on the weight loss programme. If you went the high protein route, now is the time to start introducing some carbohydrates. People have labeled carbs the enemy, but in truth, it is the easiest way for your body to get energy. However, you have to find the balance that works for you.

Everyone’s body and metabolism is different. Some people are designed to eat less frequently than others. Find what works for you. If your metabolism is slow, you should try eating frequently. Your regular three meals and then add three snacks to the equation, a fruit or vegetable here and there.

Don’t worry; you won’t put on weight because of this. Your portion size will actually reduce, because you will not be very hungry and so, you won’t over eat. It will also allow you to be more deliberate with your food choices.

Think of it as refueling. If you are one of those who can go the whole day with only one meal, try to have that meal during the day and not at night, so your body can use it for fuel. Another thing is measuring your food on your plate.

Your carbs shouldn’t be more than two level scoops of your hand (don’t write it off before trying it!). Your vegetable should make the bulk of your meal with One (1) palm size for your proteins.

So, no over loading with Orisirishi. A great thing about this stage (apart from the new waist line) is that “treats” are also allowed. I am of the school of thought that a large part of life is about enjoyment and food can be a pleasure to be enjoyed. However, it is so easy to go overboard. Self-control is paramount.

A treat is a treat, because it is enjoyed occasionally. A soft drink a day is NOT a treat. A soft drink a week or every two weeks IS a treat. So, you get to savour the moment. An easy way to find a balance is to apply the 80/20 principle to your eating style.

For 80 per cent of your week or month, you eat healthy and sensibly and the remaining 20 per cent of the week or month, you can have your treats. This can include anything from chocolates, ice cream, etc.

This principle can also be occasionally applied to your day as well, 80 per cent of the day, you eat sensibly and 20 per cent of your meal can be a treat. This could be a fried fish and half a bottle of soft drink. Moderation and self-control are very key. (Set boundaries).

You should still keep up with your workouts. Your intensity level should remain the same. As your food intake has increased, it will be burnt off as you workout, so nothing is stored by your body. In fact, it should increase as you get stronger.

So, go ahead and step it up! Try new activities to keep yourself challenged. Continue to drink plenty of water and plenty of vegetable. And of course, enjoy the new you. Love your body….

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