Should I still go ahead and marry her?

2yearsrelationship-qwikgist2I and this lady I love and intend to settle with have been together for quite a long time, but recently, I just discovered that she is pregnant for someone else.

She claims she just met and she has been secretly seeing this guy and when I suspected, she would flare up and claim that I don’t trust her and that she wasn’t doing anything with any guy. The painful part of it is that she says she didn’t know she was pregnant till after two months.

Though she claims to have realise herself that she made a mistake and that wants to get rid of the pregnancy, because she wants to settle with me, even as it is in my heart, I am so hurt that I feel strongly betrayed by a woman I trusted and believe in. But I still have the feelings for her.

One of the major reason I am writing this is to seek help and opinion from those who have had experiences and also couples who have been married, so I wouldn’t make a decision I would regret later in future.

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