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Show me your home interiors and I would show you your heritage. Your continent is where you come from, your country is your identity, your home is your reflection and at such, you cannot afford to lose your root, identity and reflection to the rigmaroles of Western styles, especially with your home interior décor fittings.

The beauty of African interior designs, such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, photography, installation arts, crafts, carved furniture, artifacts, textiles, upholsteries, etc cannot be matched to anything in the world, which explains why foreigners would travel thousand of miles to Africa and at whatever financial cost just to buy African piece of arts and designs.

Perhaps it is about time you get rid of the ‘wanna be’ imported concept and embrace the organic beauty in the Afrocentric concept of interiors for your space, ranging from a carved table, dinning table and chairs, crafts, sculptures, artifacts, upholsteries, like Ankara, Adire, Aso-oke, paintings, etc.

However, due to the natural reflective magnitude of African aesthetic interior pieces that always speaks volume and brightens your space, there is need to maintain some form of modesty with your choice to avoid clumsiness, especially in the sitting room. After all, it is a modern Afrocentric sitting room and not some junkyard.

How To Make Your Afrocentric Interior Void Of Clumsiness
• Place your aesthetic African pieces one at a time on a section of your space. Be sure to give sufficient space around abstract works, sculptures and others to bestow your space with a serene view.
• Maintain uniformity in colour within a space, as the African colours are naturally in multiples and quite loud. You cannot afford to have series of multi-colour dimensions in one space.
• For your crafts, be it knits, tapestry art weaves, pottery, woodcraft, crocheting, etc, ensure to infuse harmony for holistic reflection of the idea.

But more importantly, do not crowd your crafts up with too many accessories. Keep them as simple as possible to reflect the Afrocentric aesthetic.
• Irrespective of how high your ceiling may be, ensure to hang your arts at a viewable length without having peopling stretch necks and strain eyes to see the details of your pieces.
Best to hang your paintings, portraits, artworks and others at eye level for the average person to see.
• The size and length of your paintings, sculptures or artworks would determine how you hang them on your walls. If you are hanging multiple pieces, be sure to pick one as your main focal point and place it in the middle with a noticeable space from others.

Hang small paintings side by side, but ensure they are poetically hung and positioned. Hang the massive ones each on a section of your walls at a time.
• Finally, ensure to get rid, replace or give away unwanted interior pieces if you no longer feel the need for them, rather than pile up your living room with too many decorative items, such that make your space choky. Always keep it simple as the beauty is in moderation.

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