‘JAMB may be working with private Varsities to frustrate Students’

Ojerinde addressing press conference on how JAMB candidates engage in malpractice during UTME examination in Abuja two years ago

Ojerinde addressing press conference on how JAMB candidates engage in malpractice during UTME examination in Abuja two years ago

Many candidates are not happy with JAMB board over their poor outing in the just concluded university matriculation examination.

One of the candidates that is not happy with the examination body is Emeka Obi (not real names). Obi, who is seeking admission into Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), told The Guardian that JAMB must have engaged in fraudulent practices, by releasing poor results in a bid to force students to patronise private universities.

Obi said: “I did not face any difficulty while writing my exam. There were many familiar questions so I expected very high mark. But after the examination, I could not check my result, even when I got home. It was the next day I saw the result, which is far below what I expected.

“I think many things happened between the time we wrote the exam and the time the result was released. I believe fraud must have been perpetuated during the process of the delay. I am sure that JAMB did this in conjunction with private universities to force us to patronise private universities. You will recall that JAMB forwarded our names to private universities last year, even when we did not apply for those universities.”

“I am complaining because I know what I wrote. I can prove that I can score beyond this, assuming there was avenue to prove. The beauty of it is that I am not the only one facing this challenge of poor result from JAMB. The poor result crisis happened to many other candidates, especially the first set of candidates. At a time, JAMB had to compensate the first set of candidates with 40 marks. We on the second batch were not compensated with any marks. Is that not injustice? If 40 marks were added to my present score, I would not be complaining, even though I am sure the marks deducted from me is more than 40. I scored 204. This is poor when compared to my 235 marks of last year.”

“I am of the opinion that some of our scores were exchanged and bought over. I have heard of some students who are not good academically scoring above 300, while those we know to be brilliant scoring below average. How come?

“The most annoying aspect of it is that some students’ scores are fluctuating. Some students may check their scores today and see 280, for instance, only for them to check the next day to see 217. JAMB will likely forward the lower scores to the universities.”

Another candidate who gave his name as Timothy Isibor, said he experienced several hiccups while writing the examination.

Isibor said: “I wrote my examination on March 2 in Ejigbo Lagos. On that fateful day we were to start examination by 9:00 am, but the examination started almost by 12:00 pm. Despite the fact that we did not start on time the network was fluctuating. I was logged out three times. I did not receive the result immediately. I got the result midnight of the next day. I got 243. About the 40 marks issue as I heard it, it was only allotted to those who wrote on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I did not receive any 40 marks from JAMB.”

He noted: “My friend also encountered more problems beyond her imagination during the examination. She registered in Abeokuta, but was posted to Ibadan. She left for Ibadan a day to the examination date, hoping to find a place to sleep at night. She arrived at the place around 10.00 pm. Since it was late, her next resort was to sleep by the road alongside other candidates. Her examination was to be taken by 6:30 am with the biometrics. On the examination day according her, the server was very bad.”

“She told me that science students who registered for agricultural science did not see the question paper for the examination, even though agricultural science is a requirement for getting admission into their preferred courses. The most annoying aspect of it was that they had to substitute agriculture with Economics which they did not prepare for. My friend told me that students whose examinations were slated for 9.00 am and 2.00 pm respectively were told to come the next day”

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