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Good day

I AM a single guy (36 years) who has never double-dated in my life because I hate it.  I see that as a way of limiting one to commit wholeheartedly to one’s partner.  I like to be fully focused on a lady to shower all my love and affection on her only.

There is this lady I just met two months ago now.  I had shown it to her and let her know my mission for her: marriage.  And she has accepted my proposal.  She has a hairdressing shop that I always go to visit her there. Initially, she didn’t want me to be coming there regularly but later she told me to make sure I come there before I go to my house. She is living with her kid sisters but she hasn’t allowed me to visit her. There was a day I was coming from work that I had to buy small cake for her. When she got it, she had to say this prayer, “the next cake she wishes to get from me is that of our wedding.” I had to say “Amen” to that.

She introduced me to her visiting grandma, her few friends and her kid sisters that I met in her shop. That prompted me to be asking her to let me know her parents. But she would always tell me she wanted to inform them first to pray about it for her before she could take me to them. And she had once come to my own house when she was asking me about my parents and I had to present her to them on that her first visit.

What is worrying me now is that there is a guy that usually close to her closing hour by the time i take my leave. I don’t know who he is. But the guy already knows who I am to her. That is the only person she never introduces me to. I kept wondering. Just a few days ago, my suspicion was confirmed that she is dating the other guy too.

I was so embarrassed that she could be doing that and letting the two of us to be meeting her in the same shop almost everyday. Since then (just last weekend), I stopped calling her and visiting her with the hope to make her realize that I withdrew a bit. I love her and I don’t know if she meant it when I said that I love her and she replied me she love me too.
Kindly advise me.

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