Idanre Hills… confluence point for leisure and adventure

Idanre-HillsFrom miles away, revelers readily appreciate the beauty and thoroughness of the hills of Idanre Hills.

Located in Idanre town, nine miles southwest of Akure, the State capital; the historic Idanre hills are a splendid tourist attraction in Ondo State.

The Hills with various shapes and sizes is said to be about 800 years old and could be reached by ascending about 640 steps with 5 resting points on the way to the top.
Its stunning landscape provides a window to the town’s colorful history.

The perennial landscape surrounding the hills provides fellowship with nature’s best. The peacefulness that pervades the atmosphere, the rigors of climbing and a refreshing swim in Arun River, make the Hills a wonderful place to visit for any tourist.

The tallest of the hills, which is about 300 feet above sea level, readily beckons at courageous tourists for a climbing game.
Those who successfully climb the peak are rewarded with the very rare panoramic view of the topography at bird’s eye, which is a unique fortitude for ancient residents.

The excitement of the hills takes tourists further atop of the hills to the Arun River, – a small river on the hill. It is believed that a swim in the middle of the river “will result in an eerie, fuzzy feeling.” Arun River is crystal clear and one can see crabs and a few other aquatic animals, and adjudge the water’s More adventurous can also dare the Agboogun Footprints, which is widely believed to enlarge or contract to accommodate every foot.

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