How to grasp your luck

DiceThe secret of influencing your luck and grasping it is contained in Success Principles, as espoused by the distinguished biographer, Napoleon Hill.

These principles, I have shortlisted to 10. They are anchored on how to grasp your luck or destiny. They are definitiveness of purpose; the mastermind alliance; applied faith; going the extra mile; personal initiative; positive mental attitude; self-discipline; enthusiasm; accurate thinking; and cosmic habit force.

One, definitiveness of purpose is the first ingredient of genius. A genius knows what he wants from life and he goes directly for it.

Definitiveness of purpose encourages you to specialise. Specialisation leads to perfection. Your success in life depends largely on your specialisation. Purpose gives courage for action, leading to wish fulfillment.

Two, applied faith concentrates on the attainment of a personal goal. Man has been equipped by his creator with certain faculties that enable him to fulfill his purpose in life.

Applied faith is man’s adaptation of his will-power, the power of his faith to a definite objective. Faith is enhanced by silent meditation. This form of thinking activates the subconscious and accelerates wish fulfillment.

Faith, as the strongest power known to man, is stimulated by another mind. This is why a mastermind alliance is invaluable for success.

Three, the mastermind alliance is the external factor influencing personal achievement. The mastermind is an alliance of six to nine people, binding together for the purpose of achieving a specific purpose, such as building a media house, a cement company or installing a member as governor or President.

Four, personal initiative is a motive to inspire continuous action in pursuit of a definite purpose. No man is free until he learns to think and gains the courage to act on his own personal initiative.

Initiative enables a man to cultivate the habit of basing opinions on known facts, instead of guesswork. The person with initiative gives action to the habit of going the extra mile.

Five, positive mental attitude alerts winners that nature severely punishes idleness and keeping oneself in a vacuum or emptiness through lack of ambition.

You either use your gifts or they atrophy. Your possession of a positive mental attitude enables you to realise that failure, adversity or defeat carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit, which you are to transmute into a blessing. You can always become the person you would like to be.

Six, self-discipline entails directing your thoughts, controlling your emotions and mastering your physical habits.

It is the tool with which man may harness and direct his inborn emotions in the direction of his choice. Moreover, self-discipline is the first rule of successful leadership. An obsession backed by a strong will-power compels the subconscious to reveal information never before known to man.

The will power is the super-force of the human mind that implements and carries out human decisions.

Definitiveness of purpose is the starting point of achievement, while will-power, powered by self-discipline, accomplishes any human purpose.

The mind absorbs any idea repeatedly put to it, whether the idea is sound or not. It is the duty of the aspirant to channel good thoughts towards his objectives.

Seven, cosmic habit force shows you are where you are because of your established habits of thoughts and deeds.

It is the law by which equilibrium is established in the world through established patterns or habits.

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