Hope rises for African youth, as Motherland Beckons partners MUSIAD

In a strategic movie that will definitely benefit Africans, especially people, Motherland Beckons has stepped up its quest for the development of Africa, as it has signed a pact with MUSIAD in Koinya, Turkey. The agreement is targeted at poverty eradication, with the hope of ushering prosperity to the continent, through the promotion of tourism and other businesses.

MUSIAD Group is a conglomerate of 11,000 businesses and consists of 50,000 members, with presence in 175 countries across the world. It is arguably the biggest business group in the world, with considerable presence in 175 countries. On the other hand, Motherland Beckons is a creation of Otunba Wanle Akinboboye dedicated to opening Africa to the world and attracting Africans in Diaspora to the motherland.

Over the years, Motherland Beckons has contributed to the wellbeing of Africans in no small way by offering a veritable platform to the Africans in the Diaspora and lovers of Africa to visit, invest and possibly come back to settle down in Africa.

For Akinboboye, the second largest continent that is richly blessed more than any other one should not be the poorest, hence Motherland Beckons has stepped in to explore the opportunities that the continent offers for wealth creation.

“The various activities and activations of Motherland Beckons over the years have no doubt attracted attention and global applause, resulting in many bilateral agreements and Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) in tourism, entertainment, culture and business,” he noted.

According to the joint MoU of the partnership known as Africa Turkey Trade Centre (ATTC), with headquarters in Koinya, Turkey and corresponding offices in Lagos and Accra, the target is to ensure the objectives of the partnership is achieved. Already, there are plans to open ATTC offices in 53 other African countries that will connect the continent to the world through Turkey and vice versa.
“This will facilitate trade and technology transfer between Africa and Turkey, educational programmes woven around tourism and entertainment development between both world. Cultural exchange programmes between Africa and Turkey amounting to cross culture, which no doubt would lead to a more harmonious and fruitful relationship between both civilizations since it is an obvious fact that people love, trust, bond and work better when they eat, sing, mingle and dance together,” he said.

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