Ruth Benamaisia-Opia returns to the screen

Ruth-Benamaisia-OpiaACE broadcaster, Ruth Benamaisia-Opia, has returned to the screen in grand style. The ex-foremost newscaster with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), in a bid to revive her broadcasting career, has again started what she knows how to do best with the Lagos Weekend Television.

Experienced and a lines delivery delight, Benamaisia-Opia showed the stuff she is made of when she debuted with the weekend programme last Friday, as many viewers saw it as a welcome development and a plus for the Lagos State-owned station, better known as LTV8.

Benamaisia-Opia was a darling to millions of viewers on television in the 1980s and 1990s. With a name and a voice to look forward to, she endeared herself to the heart of Nigerians during the several years she spent anchoring regular news at 9pm during the week and Newsline at 9pm on Sundays on NTA.

Among her contemporaries during her time were Frank Olize, Cyril Stober, Emma Okondo, Tokunbo Ajayi, Ronke Ayuba and few others, who have also retired from NTA.

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  • It is a good development but where are the graduates of mass communication going to have experience and come to lime light like the old brigade who after several years behind the microphone still coming back in grand style ? This principle of use and reuse is drawing us back in Nigerian politics to the extent that expired old persons are parading themselves as politicians without nothing to offer .Ruth was good with persons like Bankole Laotan and a host of others But what I am saying is that Nigeria is extremely blessed with talents from diverse professions hence there should be no recycling of persons since we have them as pick and choose from more than 180 million population God bless Mrs Ruth Opia without prejudice .

    • ukarakpa

      If somebody is retired and has energy to get along this should be allowed. You don’t buy experience, you earn it over time. Our youths need not covert the retired ones for they certainly don’t prevent them from aspiring. What we need do is create more jobs to go round the teaming populace and all should be well. Again, in our clime folks tend to retire too early before their prime. This is unhealthy as what obtains world over is that you work until 65 or even more in dome profession before retiring. Doing soyou train anand impart adequate knowledge and experience to the youth before throwing in the towel. In the article in question, some of the persons listed as having retired from NTA isn’t true. I guess some of them are still around because we see them anchoring headlines at prime time in that organization. We don’t even want them to go yet until better replacement are found.