Hajia Bisi Kuye Ages Gracefully

Hajia-Bisi-Kuye-CopyHAJIA Adebisi Kuye, one of the wives of former Minister for Finance, Alhaji Jubril Martins Kuye, is still looking younger as ever despite her old age. She not only radiates charm, it oozes from within her.

She is one society woman who is forever full of life. She is also very bubbly. Also, she is one woman who is richly endowed with a Pepsodent smile that disarms you instantly.

Her trade mark smile has won her numerous admirers. In Bisi, one can feel the bounteous energy which loves to spread. This is informed by the fact that she has taken a philosophical view about life, preferring to live each day as it comes.

This possibly explains why she rarely has a dull moment, and it is her bubbly nature that has attracted most of the society ladies to her.

Of course, the fact that she is delectable and carries herself with a lot of grace and poise makes her stand out at any gathering. Within the Lagos social circle, Bisi is one woman who enjoys the friendship of most of the notable society ladies who find her quite charming and amiable. Even though she is in her late 60s, Bisi has been able to retain her stunning looks.

So stunning is she that people often get curious to know about her beauty regimen. This remained the status quo until she decided to take leave of the party arena.

Gone are the days when she partied ceaselessly and made the guest list of the rich and famous. Contrary to what obtained in the past, High Society gathered that she has taken her faith more seriously. She now spends a lot of time at CLAM, where she is a regular worshipper.

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