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Jeans are evergreen as they never go out of style. A lot of women have a pair of jeans that they love. These jeans usually fit perfectly and make women feel good when they wear them. In fact, every woman needs a great pair of jeans. The type that you can just throw on, go with anything and really flatter your shape, but if you don’t have a pair of jeans like this, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a tough task. Here are guidelines to finding the perfect pair for you:

How to look right in jeans:
Firstly, know your body type and also consider your height.Consider the fabric, as jeans fit differently depending on the fabric they’re made of.Ladies with big bum should ensure that they wear good underwear to keep them firm.
Go for the right belt to give that chic look but avoid wearing tight belt. Choose fitted tops that stop just around your hip bones or higher.

Go for nice jeans colour that will look good on you. Dark blues and black are always more flattering than lighter ones.Ladies with big backside should always opt for jeans that have plain, large pockets on the bottom, never go for jeans that have lots of elaborate or detailed pockets on the bum as it will draw attention to that side.

Choose your denim carefully because large hips and big thighs can look even bigger in a badly cut pair of jeans. If you love belts, do not wear it on the hips because it will make it look bigger. To look better in your jeans, wear a wide belt around the waist area.

Ladies that want to disguise big tummy can opt for a high waist jeans. The right jeans can pull the tummy in and give her an hourglass figure. Go for tailored or fitted tops. .

If you have a tall slender body, skinny jeans are great to show off your long legs. Low rise jeans, which stops at the hip is suitable for ladies with slim body. Women who are short in height should avoid this jeans as they make the legs look shorter.

Straight jeans are best for ladies with curvier hips and fuller belly. You can pair with loafers, sandals, sneakers, heels or wedges

Women with curves and a wider hip can opt for wide-leg jeans to give that streamlined look. It could be styled with sandals, sneakers, heels and booties.

In all, ensure that you are comfortable in the jeans as very tight ones can make you look tacky. Always wear the right top to or blouse.

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