Chika Mbonu Leaves Chisco Transport

Chika Mbonu

Chika Mbonu

FORMER Managing Director of the defunct Assurance Bank and former top pastor at Redeemed Chistian Church of God, Chika Mbonu has resigned his appointment with Chisco Transport Company.

Until he threw in the towel, he was the Deputy Managing Director of the Haulage Section of the transport company located in Costain area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the Chairman of the company, Chief C. Chidi, had brought the ex-banker into the public glare after his many years on exile. The Igbo-born billionaire, Chief Chidi, was said to revived Mbonu back financially, given him a posh home and a Prado jeep.

It would be recalled that the Anambra State-born financial expert was enmeshed in an adultery scandal with another man’s wife years back. The story was awash in the media then that Mbonu had to abandon his family and his pastoral duties at the Lekki branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

The ex-banker was on vacation in the United States of America when the news hit town that he is the biological father of the two children of his protégé and church member, Henry Bassey. And to compound the pastor’s credibility woes, Bassey confirmed the story to be true. Bassey based his confirmation on a medical test carried out on the older of the children, eight-year-old Emmanuel.

Another test carried out on the younger child, six-year-old Tahilia, came out with the same result. Bassey had grown suspicious of the paternity of his children when routine blood test carried out on Emmanuel, when he fell ill, varied from that of his and his wife’s.

Bassey and his wife are said to be AA while Emmanuel and Tahilia were AS. And since 2010 when the story broke, Mbonu went underground.

He did not recover until Chief Chidi gave him a mouth- watering job. His whereabouts is yet to be ascertained at the time of filing this report.

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  • Bello Barriga

    Question :- Who paid you to write this nonsense? You are part of the corrupted Nigerian fabric needing CHANGE. it is of no concern to your editorial to write on the sufferings of Nigerians. Killings in the Northeast, flooding in Southeast, petrol scarcity all over the nation, and death trapped roads in the country to mention few examples. The APC broom must quickly start sweeping your editorial board for CHANGE.

  • Nelson

    So, what is the news value of this story? Is this news, editorial, feature or smear campaign? I expect something better from Guardian. Or is there dearth of news sources to fill the paper?