Chic Look With Wallpaper

Wallpaper-4Wall detailing goes a long way to determine the look of a room. With the use of wallpaper, a space can be given a chic and contemporary outlook. Wallpaper is an elegant alternative to painting a room.

It is interesting that wallpaper comes in various textures, colours and patterns with vivid colours that you can adjust to your required characteristics of motives for your design. It can be used in the office, bars and restaurants and different rooms in the home to make beautiful statements.

some planning and persistence, an entire room can be covered with wallpaper to add drama to it or accentuate one wall or even ceiling. Wallpaper can also be used to revamp a piece of furniture or add interest to the inside of cupboards or drawers.

Besides, wallpaper can be used to hide wall defects, even better than paint. It works well over small holes such as nail holes and cracks. However, there are some types of wallpaper that are not good at hiding faults.

Foil, in particular can reveal ridges and textures that were not noticeable before. Therefore, it pays to be careful in preparing the wall.

Consider placing a liner over the wall before applying the wall covering. The liner will hide many faults in the wall and make it easier to remove the covering in the future for a new look.

To obtain a clean and neat look, there are several ways to remove the wallpaper. One is to use concentrated wallpaper remover solution. Mix it with warm water and apply it liberally with a sponge after scouring the surface lightly with razor blade. The solution will seep under the top layer and soften the paste, making it possible to scrape off the paper.

Wallpaper buying tips

For areas prone to high humidity or heavy traffic, such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, go for vinyl-coated or solid vinyl wallpaper. These types of wallpaper are non-breathable and therefore more stain resistant and easier to clean.

Areas with lower moisture levels can do with both breathable and non-breathable wall coverings. Fabric wallpaper is great for bedrooms and living rooms, but bear in mind that these varieties are generally non-pasted, making them more difficult to apply than other types. However, there are innovative new varieties of non-vinyl wallpaper (made from paper fibre) that can be washed and easy to apply and remove.

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