Celebrities and the essence of St. Valentine’s day

February 14 is St. Valentine Day, and like their fans, some Nollywood celebrities would step out, most of them adorning the usual dress code of a shade of red, to commemorate the day. But there are a few who said they would be caught up on location, filming. We asked a few of them to reflect on the day. Charles Inojie (Actor, Scriptwriter, Director)

For me, Valentine is a time to rededicate oneself to the Divine injunction of ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ I have come to realise that unless you learn to commit yourself to sharing whatever you have with others, you may never know how much your little effort could mean to others.

Valentine has, therefore, become, for me, a time to do a critical self-appraisal to find out how sensitive I have been to the plight of those whom grace has positioned me ahead of.

And yes, I have consciously commemorated the day. In the past, I had gone to spend the day at the orphanage or home of the elderly. I shall commemorate this year’s Valentine with my family, essentially because work has literarily taken me away from them for the past one year.

Incidentally, I will be filming on that day, but I shall take my family out to have lunch outside of our home. As for words for my fans on Valentine Day, I would say they do should not make Valentine just about a designated day; they should try to spend everyday as if it were Valentine.

The plate of food you sometimes share with your gateman, the help you render to people, you never know how far they go to warm the hearts of the beneficiaries.

I think we should generally learn to love. Ifu ENnada (Nollywood Actress, Producer)

Well, thanks to some teachings from my younger years, Valentine, to me, is a day Saint Valentine should be remembered because of the sacrifice he made for love.

This isn’t always the case, because numerous lovers have seized the day and only a few remember the man that made the day possible. But really, Valentine is a day like every other day; a day love should be celebrated.

I can’t say I have consciously commemorated the day, but I live everyday showing and giving love. I have never gone on a date on Valentine’s Day because I personally don’t see the big deal in it and I spent my past Valentine Day working.

Right now, I can assure you that I would not be going out on a date. I will be working, but I will do my best to reach out to some people with extra love.

As for my advice, I would say people should spend less time on frivolities and instead use the opportunity to give more love to others, especially those who cannot pay back their kindness.

Ogechi Peters (Actress)
Valentine, for me, is a day set aside for me to spend time with my loved ones. I actually don’t observe the day, like going out or marking the day, as such; I usually prefer to stay indoors with him and you know we will have dinner, watch movies and after enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home, I would give him a massage.

The last Valentine day when I got home from set, my man had our room set up with a candlelit table for two. So, unlike me, who will have mine indoors, because I am naturally an indoor person, I will advice couples to give themselves a treat and tell themselves how glad they are to be married to each other.

But importantly, I would say love should not be given and received just on Valentine day; it should be shown every single day.

Grace Ama (Actress)
What Valentine means to me is to demonstrate love in all I do, love to the people, especially those who are not in any position to say thank you. There are so many people around us who need love and care.

I don’t think Valentine is a feast to be celebrated in a pop centre, bar and on lavish ceremonies of eating and drinking.

It is should be celebrated by putting smiles on the faces of less privileged people, people who cannot help themselves and people who are in great needs. That, for me, is the true meaning of Valentine.

Yes, indeed, I have consciously marked the day. I have tried to visit some orphanages to celebrate with them and to share the little I could, and I intend to spend quality time with children at the orphanage this year.

But above all, we must learn to share what we have with others.

Eberechukwu ‘Bayray’ Nwizu (Actress)
VALENTINE is a great reminder of what true love is. It is a time to show love and kindness to people.

So, Valentine, for me, is a kind of gentle reminder of how beautiful it is to love and be loved.

I have not consciously commemorated the day and I have good reasons. I think love should be a lifestyle, a state of mind.

I indulge myself everyday with the things of love, whether it is cracking a joke or spending time with people I love or giving to someone that cannot give back or even being in love with someone and showing it expressly.

For this year, I will spend it with special people and family. However, Nigerians should remember that love still exists, love and kindness is still important and we as Nigerians should love ourselves and foster unity.

Seun Awonusi (Actress)
VALENTINE day is a day to show and share love.
I have never gone out of my way to commemorate the day, because I see it as any other day. So, I engage in my usual daily activities and I know I will be filming on that day.

But for those who will be out having fun, I will advice that they have fun with their brain. They shouldn’t get carried away with the Valentine day frivolities, such as ladies losing their dignity and teenagers overstepping their teenage abilities and bounds.
We shouldn’t let it get into our head. We should spend time reflecting on the essence of the day.

Ijeoma Grace Agu (Actress)

HONESTLY, it means nothing to me; I just see the day as any other day. So, I haven’t consciously taken time to commemorate the day and for this year, I will be on set, filming. But those who want to have fun should please go ahead and have fun, as there is nothing wrong with celebrating love. It is a good thing.

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