Celebration of a quintessential mother at 90

Madam Morohundiya

Madam Morohundiya

To say that we are happy to know Grand Mummy, Deaconess (Chief) Mrs. Christiana Ayodele Morohundiya, and to have been closely associated with her for more than 31 years, is an understatement. She has through those years surpassed our expectations and it is apt to describe her as the sweetest mother that anyone could desire.

And so it was that, in 1985, Chief Samuel Olasupo Morohundiya, took in Richard, then a Law undergraduate at the University of Benin, into his law practice. Richard was to find in Chief Morohundiya a mentor, father and a friend, and in Chief Moroundiya’s family, a new family.

He was taken home for lunch at Mesiogo Lodge on his very first day at work where he met “Madam”, as Chief Morohundiya called his dear wife (the celebrant) and who is the partner of inestimable value and a quintessential mother to his children, both immediate and extended families.

And so it was, that Richard, and later, Mojisola Asake and their three children found a home and family in the Morohundiyas.

And so it was, that when Richard met the charming, delectable and beautiful Miss Mojisola “Asake” Abiola Ojelade at the Nigerian Law School in 1987, he saw in her all the good qualities that he had observed in the wife of his mentor and dutifully courted her until 1990 when they got married. It was, therefore, a natural sequence that when the children came, each had the benefit of attending Morolu, now Mayors School, owned by grand-mummy Morohundiya.

It is indeed a fact that, the Ahonaruoghos and the Ojelades, both at home and abroad, have come to have a wonderful family in the Morohundiyas, both at home and abroad, to the extent that we all worship with them at the gloriou First Baptist Church Ikeja and are very active in the Church, just like grand-dad and grand-mummy Morohundiya.

Mojisola and I are the Ogwatunmise and Yeye Ogwatunmise – Chiefs of the Owo Kingdom just as our parents, Chief and Chief (Deaconess) Mrs. Morohundiya.

The celebrant, who will turn 90 on Monday, the young sunny-looking, ever-smiling, amiable, charming and delectable, Grand Mummy Morohundiya was born on Sunday April 4, 1926. Hailing from Ilora in Oyo State, she attained great heights by dint of hard work, faith in herself, total commitment to her Creator and unflinching and unconditional love for her darling husband and children – not just the five greatly endowed and cherished Morohundiya daughters, of whom she is very proud, but the whole lot of us!

And as we celebrate the youngest 90-year-old ever, we say Happy Birthday and pray to Almighty God whom grandma Morohundiya has served so dutifully and faithfully that her major present at the weddings of her children and grandchildren have been bibles, hymn books etc, to bless her with longer life in good health and happiness.

And so to quote my darling wife, Mojisola Asake (née Ojelade): “Our dear Grand Mummy, as you clock 90 years on Monday, may the Almighty God keep you in good health to see a century on earth. You are more than a mother to us, your wise counsel has always been unparalleled. God assigned you to us to mentor and guide. You have always been there for us and we pray that you shall live the remainder of your days in peace, Amen. We love you, we love you, we love you.”

Happy birthday dearest mother. It is our fervent prayer that Almighty God will grant you long life in good health and in prosperity; that Almighty God will continue to guide, protect and bless all your numerous children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is true that you remain a benchmark to all of us and you are our inspiration in all aspects of your life. You are undoubtedly an indefatigable, amiable and a delectable Sweet Mother.

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  • Irene Johnson

    Olori ebi this is a beautiful piece – no better present. You have said it all. God bless you!

    Irene Johnson

  • Dly Olanrewaju

    I am one of d privileged few that calls you mother. You are a mum in a Trillion. 22 years of your mothering me and still counting and always an experience to learn from. Gburg mum and great grand ma. Delee.

  • Lola Oyebade

    Congratulations ma. Happy 90th birthday to you and on behalf of my family The Odumosus from IKEJA we say happy birthday. I remembered when in 1970 I had to seat in her private tuition class to gain admission to secondary school. What an experience, she believed in us children to succeed in life and sure God helped us all we did!

    It’s great to read about her today.

    May God keep you and grant you good health till the end.

  • Adeyemo Kolawole

    Our dear great grandmother, Chief, Deaconess, Mrs. C.A. Morohundiya who clocks 90 on the fourth of April 2016; we wish you happy birthday; long life and prosperity. You are blessed beyond measure. We thank GOD for your integrity; nothing can dim the light of GOD that shines from within you. You have been the answer to so many people’s prayers. You are the epitome of beauty. You are unique, valued and appreciated. Deacon & Mrs. Joshua/Ruth Kolawole. Once again we wish you happy birthday. Iyoku ojo aiye yin ema lo fun ogo OLORUN sii. Amin.

  • Fatai Rufai

    Many things have changed over the years, but you’re still the same great person you always have been. May God bless you all the days you live! Enjoy your lucky day ma.

  • Fatai Rufai

    Many things have changed over the years, but you’re still the same great person you always have been. May God bless you all the days you live! Enjoy your lucky day ma.