Can’t Get Enough, Anthonia! (2)

Relationship(Continued from last Saturday)

ABOUT 30 minutes after they got to the hospital, Anthonia regained consciousness. She was surprised to find herself on the hospital bed; then it dawned on her that she must have fainted at the beach.

“We saved you and this young man lying critically ill beside you at the beach after an attack by some hoodlums,” an Inspector explained to her.

“Oh, God!” Anthonia exclaimed, “Why is Bode still unconscious? Why are drips on his arms and legs? Oh, my God…don’t let him die…”

“Easy, lady…take it easy …” the doctor in attendance cautioned Anthonia, “he’ll get better…we’ve carried out a thorough examination of his condition and realized he had been injured too much. The battery and beating he got from his attackers resulted in serious complications to his coronary arteries, leading to severe damage of his blood vessels. He has lost too much blood in the process. He needs a kidney transplant urgently, if not he’ll die. His kidney has been damaged and has become weak. He has just three days to live. I repeat, he has just three days to live or he’ll die…”

The last phrase in the doctor’s sentence got her sweating with panic. She couldn’t control her feelings and emotions. She replied with a voice laden with emotions:

“Oh doctor, you’ve got to do something. He must not die…I love him with all my soul…I can’t watch Bode die. No…not at all…Oh, I love him so much…God knows I do…please, doctor, don’t let him die…I’ll spare my kidney to see him live…please, doctor don’t let him die… ” Painful and heart-rending tears streamed down the eyes of the beautiful young lady.

Anthonia took her mobile phone and dialed her parents and the parents of Bode informing them of their problem and location. About 20 minutes later they both arrived at the General Hospital. Anthonia’s parents were shocked, nay, surprised at their daughter’s decision to spare one of her kidneys for Bode’s survival. They knew that Anthonia was really in love with Bode, but they couldn’t understand this kind of situation, to them it was a love gone too far.

Bode’s parents wept loudly when they saw the condition of their son. They were completely in dilemma. The surgeon and doctor in attendance told Anthonia’s parents that they must sign an agreement or oath signifying their approval of the operation.

Some few minutes later, Anthonia’s parents called her behind and asked for the umpteenth time if she knew or realized the risk she was about to take. She told them point-blank that she had made up her mind to donate her kidney so that Bode might live, and that there was no going back. She told the doctors to hurry up lest he die. To her parents, that was the greatest sacrifice a lover could make for the survival of a sweetheart.

Without much ado Anthonia’s parents signed the agreement, and Bode’s parents too, signed the other documents. The following day Anthonia and Bode were carried inside the operating theatre and about three male surgeons prepared themselves for the risky operation.

During the operation, on July 25, 2011, the two parents sat together praying fervently for the success and well-being of the two lovers. About four hours later the surgeons appeared and declared that the operation was successful, but that the two lovers needed to recuperate, adding that it would take some days for them to be fit and strong. The two parents screamed with joy at the development. Anthonia’s parents were so happy that their daughter survived the traumatic experience. Bode’s parents too, were deeply excited and overwhelmed with joy.

A week later, the lovers had recuperated very well and could recognize themselves and their parents after continuous intensive care and medication. Bode was now hale and hearty. He sat on his hospital bed and the first word that came out of his mouth was “Anthonia!”. Coincidentally, Anthonia moved closer and said: “Bode, here I am…my love…”

The ray of love, affection and passion flashed between the two lovers and tears of joy, of a new beginning flowed endlessly. They hugged in mutual affection and wallowing in a feeling that was so deep as well as highly consuming.

“The very first time I saw you, Anthonia,” Bode said, “it was love at first sight. I’ve never felt this way before. On a very sincere note, you’re outstandingly beautiful, charming and angelic. I really don’t know how to express my deepest feelings in words. Thoughts about you fill my heart with joy. You risked your life to see me live. Whenever I see you, Anthonia, my heart glows with so much happiness and joy. I thank Almighty God for creating such a wonderful and enchanting lady like you. You took my breath away and hold me spellbound. Thinking of you alone, Anthonia, sets my soul on fire, brightens my day and puts sweet smile on my face. Believe me, you’re my kind of woman. I am passionately in love with you and I really can’t hide it. I’ll make your wildest dream come true. You’re a beauty among beauties…I’ll love you forever…will you marry me, Anthonia?”

As Bode poured out his romantic effusions, Anthonia sighed in approval and said, “I will marry you, Bode…you are everything to me…I love you from the bottom of my heart…Nothing will ever take you away from me…not even death…”

Two weeks later, on a weekend, Anthonia’s family, nay, her parents, received the parents of Bode. They came to ask the hand of their beautiful daughter in marriage. Anthonia’s parents and Mr. and Mrs. Bamigbade, were so much happy to receive the Ronaldson family. It was joy all the way.

A date was fixed for the society wedding. Invitation cards were printed. It came to the hearing of Alani a.k.a Dimka that Anthonia and Bode were about to wed. He vowed that he’d spoil the day for the would-be couple. He planned to storm the venue with his gang of thugs again and even kill the bride and groom. On the day of the wedding Alani appeared as the event was going on, but unfortunately for him he was arrested along with his gang by a team of crack detectives. The marriage ceremony went on without any hindrance, and it was beautiful and successful. Alani and his gang were charged to court and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.

About a year later, Anthonia was delivered of a bouncing baby boy. Anthonia and Bode were the happiest couple in town. They were the envy of other young couples in the neighbourhood. At a dinner in Victoria Island, Bode was full of gratitude to the Almighty God for giving him such a lovely wife that could risk her life to see him live. He looked deep into her eyes that blissful night and exclaimed with glee:

“I just can’t get enough of you, Anthonia! You’re my saviour! You’re God-send because you make my life beautiful and sweet. It’s wonderful to have you as my wife.”

“Bode, darling,” she cooed, “you are just too much! A day with you is like eternity in paradise. You showed me what true love is all about…we are inseparable, like the sky and the moon…like the ocean and the fishes …oh, I love you!”

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