Transformation For Walls


GIVING your wall a fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest ways to update a home. It can bring an instant transformation in the look of a room from dull to an exciting one. Besides the decorative value, painting is a form of protection for walls against the elements. It is a project that the house owner can do himself for fun while at the same time giving the home a facelift.  

  However, paint on the outside walls of houses is subject to wetting from rain and dew. It is not uncommon to see exterior walls shedding the paint that was applied or experiencing discoloration. Areas which deteriorate faster are those exposed to the greatest degree of sunshine and rain.

  As a result, some homeowners re-paint the exterior of their home every few years only to discover that the new paint does not last. However, taking some precautions will make wall paint last longer during the rains and keep the home in the rightful character that adds sparkle to living.

  Builders advise that it is necessary to invest in good quality paint, as this will last longer. By and large, much of what should be done is a relatively easy and low cost thing revolving around painting preparation that ensures good outcome.

  To have long lasting painted wall, ensure that the surface is clean and dry before the work is started. Various well-known products are available, which can be applied like a coat of paint prior to applying the actual paint. For a house that has undergone painting before, first remove all traces of loose paint with a stiff sweeping brush.

  In addition, tree limbs and other vegetation in contact with the house or overhanging the roof should be removed as they are leading causes of house paint discoloration and any damaged siding and trim.

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