Glass And Ceramic Wares

VARIOUS types of wares are used to display flowers. Among these are glass and ceramic items. Glass and ceramic wares have been around for a long time, and can last if handled with care. They are less sensitive to light, humidity and temperature than many other materials, but they are very hard and brittle and can easily break on impact. They require very simple care, the most important precaution being to avoid situations and conditions that can cause damage.


  Always handle glass and ceramics with care. Do not pick them up by their handle or spouts, which may not be well attached; rather use both hands to lift them with care. Do not store or display ceramics or glass where there are extreme or rapid changes in temperature and humidity.

  Avoid putting glassware in direct sunlight or near any other heat sources such as radiators. Slippage should be avoided by using two hands when carrying them.

  Ceramic wares can be displayed on wood or plastic plate stands. But do not use spring-type metal plate hangers, which can exert too much stress and could lead to cracking, chipping, or breakage.

  Improper use or unsuitable cleaning methods can cause discoloration or staining. The absorption of coloured material from food or corrosion from contact with metal objects can also cause staining. Exposure to high heat can darken stains.

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