Eight Traits Of Successful Event Planners

BEING a successful event planner is not about being the smartest or the most intelligent person that ever lived, but about possessing certain traits and attributes. Some of these traits are innate while others are learned. You may not necessarily possess all, but you must be able to identify with most of these traits to be successful in your career as an event planner. 


One very important trait of successful event planners is the ability to define a vision for themselves and to stay focused on it. To be successful on this job, you must be able to keep a definite dream alive and be resolute about realizing that dream.


True success is definitely far from you if you are in the business of event planning just to make money. You must be fueled by passion to remain on this job. You must come to a point that solving problems and making life easier for people will be the only thing that matters to you and gets you excited because that is what will keep you through the hard times and deliver true success to you.


This is another trait you must possess if you must record any meaningful success in event planning. You must be tenacious, persisting to a fault, always believing that failure is never an option and that even when you fail, you must start again.


This is one trait you cannot afford not to have if you must be successful in this field of endeavor. You must possess a lot of self-confidence, be willing to take risks and be crazy-sure you can render your service well enough to overcome oppositions. To do this, you must be secured in your strengths and be realistic enough to acknowledge your weaknesses to improve upon.

Ability to control fear

This is probably the most important trait of all. You will be faced with the fear of uncertainty, fear of potential failure, fear of rejection and humiliation and so on. However, on the mental battle field where the true test of life takes place, you either give in to these fears and quit, or you push through and succeed.  Where others feel powerless in the face of adversity, a successful event planner knows he’s got control over the outcome.


History is yet to tell us of an individual who succeeded in any business or career without the force of discipline. This trait makes you commit yourself to mortification, denying yourself of those things that naturally give you pleasure like sleep, food, sex or even some relationships. It also makes you commit your time and effort to the cause without any reservations.

Personal Development

Show me a successful event planner and I’ll show you a man dedicated to both personal and business development. If you ever desire success as an event planner, you must understand that personal development is very crucial to being effective in business and personal life. You must therefore be addicted to buying and reading books, magazines, journals and whatever resources that can improve your understanding of both yourself and your career. You should also become a regular face at seminars, workshops and trainings where you can constantly meet and relate with other professionals to learn from.


Defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. This is such an important quality that you cannot afford to leave behind as you climb the ladder of success in your career. You must be known as a man or woman of great moral integrity to attain true success.

Wishing you outstanding success in your career. See you next time.


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