Niche Marketing: How Panadol, Scott Emulsion Revs Brand Equity For GSK


WITHIN the realm of competitive advantage theory, marketing experts have identified cost leadership, differentiation and focus strategies as the major elements of a watertight business strategy. However, focus strategy, otherwise known as niche marketing strategy, is fast becoming a viable tool being deployed by astute brand owners and marketing professionals with the sole aim of staying ahead of the hyper-competitive and over-advertised marketplace.

  Over the last decade, top brand owners within the Nigerian marketing communication sphere have perfected the cost effective exploit of adopting niche marketing with a view of spicing up and revving its brand equity by concentrating its marketing effort on a small but specific and well defined segment of the population. The banking, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and telecoms sectors, to mention a few, have demonstrated that children constitute the most lucrative market there is for many businesses. In a nutshell, children are a future market for discerning brands in the 21st century. 

    Emboldened by the marketing approach, which is critical to harnessing a competitive business advantage in the marketplace, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nigeria Plc (GSK) recently launched its Panadol Children’s suspension and Scott’s Cod Liver Oil Emulsion for kids to healthcare professionals at an event at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

  Participants at the event unanimously agreed that by adopting best practices in fostering a healthy children population, GSK has not only optimised the company’s capacity to sustain peak performance but has also helped in reducing the infant mortality rate which has become a grave concern for parents and healthcare experts in Nigeria.

  In attendance at the event were health professionals from different fields including paediatricians, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and other health workers, who experienced firsthand GSK’s exciting health solution for kids. The unveiling, which was captured under the theme “do more, feel better and live longer” was done by the President of Nigerian Paediatric Association, Prof. Adebiyi Olowu.

  Health participants were educated that Scott’s Emulsion rich in Omega-3, Vitamin A and D nutrients will continue to be very relevant in our world. According the company, it is available in an orange flavoured variety. Scott’s is an emulsion and is found to be absorbed two to three times better, which also aids sufficient absorption of nutrients. Scott’s, the company said, contains calcium, which is essential for healthy bones and teeth formation.

   The company also highlighted the essence of Panadol Children’s Suspension, saying it gives fast and effective relief from pain and fever in children was also highlighted. “Panadol Children’s Suspension is gentle on tiny tummies. Panadol Children’s Suspension has a pleasant tasting strawberry flavour. Panadol Children’s Suspension has a tamper proof safety cap. Panadol Children’s Suspension is suitable for children aged three months to 12 years,” the company said.   

  Marketing Director of GSK Consumer Nigeria Plc, Kerry Alexander, added: “Panadol Children’s Suspension provides fast and effective relief for pain and fever in children and is gentle on tiny tummies. Scott’s Emulsion, which comes in orange flavour, provides nutrients that contribute to growth and development, normal brain function and the maintenance of a healthy immune system in children.

  “Scott’s was produced in an emulsion form because it is easily absorbed and provides better results than other cod liver products in oil form. Panadol suspension for children is a fast and effective way to treat fever in children as young as three months old. We are here with medical experts like general practitioners, paediatricians and pharmacists. This is because these experts are incredibly important in advising mums on how to deal child illness in Nigeria.”

  Speaking at the Launch, President, African Paediatric Association and Societies, Dr. Dorothy Esangbedo, emphasised the role of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and D and Calcium in the growth and development of children. She noted that the unique taste of Scott’s Emulsion would allow children to easily accept it and be willing to use it. 

  Senior Brand Manager, Scott’s, Mrs. Adebimpe Osanyintuyi added that: “Moms now have excellent healthcare for helping their kids grow strong, bright and healthy.” Senior Brand Manager, Panadol, Dr. Davis Iyoha, also said Panadol Children’s Suspension is suitable for children aged three months to 12 years and comes in a bottle with a child-resistant cap for added safety. 

  Consultant Neonatologist, National Hospital, Abuja, Dr. Muktar Yola, submitted that Scott Emulsion has nutrients and vitamins to everybody, especially for the growing child. 

  “It helps in building the bone, teeth and immune system. It is important for children to have the right level of micro-nutrients and vitamins. It is a sad reality that an average daily diet does not deliver that. Scott is a product that delivers vitamins A, D and calcium. Those nutrients and vitamins are more readily absorbed by the body and it is ready to supplement and close gaps in nutrition.”  

 GSK, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

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