Between The Devil … (1)

mode“THIS is tempting! How can I avoid the luscious, sultry and delectable body of Joko, my stepdaughter? This young girl has befuddled my sense of reasoning! I must confess, I can’t help it. I’m in love with Joko, my stepdaughter!” Chief Ekundayo was in deep thoughts for the past few minutes. He was lost in wild reverie that early morning as he admired the succulent and curvaceous shape of his stepdaughter who was still sleeping on the long couch in the living room. There were lots of things that lured the soft-spoken chief to the young and beautiful lass. The fact was that Chief Ekundayo lost his wife to the cold hands of death some few years ago and remarried to another woman who became his better half; but the new wife already had a grown up daughter from her former relationship who was attractive and became irresistible to the ebullient chief.

Chief Ekundayo was tall, dark-skinned, chubby and round-faced. Mrs. Ekundayo had the habit of jokingly calling Joko ‘the wife’ of Chief Ekundayo. Whenever she sent Joko to her husband she would say: “Joko go and serve ‘your husband’ his food.” At times when she arrived from an outing she would ask Joko: “Is your husband at home?” referring to Chief Ekundayo. Deep inside Chief Ekundayo’s mind he became infatuated to the pretty and lovely Joko. Since Chief Ekundayo got married to Joko’s mum, she was still expecting the fruit of the womb. Mrs. Ekundayo was in her early forties but she was still hoping to bear a child for her new husband to further consolidate and actualize her dreams of a happy home. She knew she would feel fulfilled if she could just bear a child for her husband. She was a robust and light-skinned woman.

Whenever Mrs. Ekundayo called Joko ‘the wife’ of Chief Ekundayo the chief would smile heartily. He loved such endearing phrase. It made him feel forty-five years younger. So he started buying lots of presents and gifts for the young lady to entice and lure her to bed. He became very desirous to win her love at all cost not even minding the fact that she was his stepdaughter. He made all these crafty moves secretly, behind the back of his wife. Surprisingly, the devil took the upper hand and they both started making love everyday whenever Mrs. Ekundayo wasn’t around. One year into the secret relationship, Joko became pregnant for his stepfather!

“God, what’s happening?” Joko called Chief Ekundayo on a particular morning, “I’m pregnant for you chief! My mum must not know! What kind of scandal and shameful thing is this? She’d kill me if she knows!”

“Not to worry Joko,” Chief Ekundayo replied, “your mum won’t know. We have to hatch a convincing plan. And I know she’d fall for it hook, line and sinker. Whenever she discovers that you’re pregnant you’ll tell her it’s true, but your boyfriend or fiance is not in Lagos, that he’s based in Abuja. Tell her that he has travelled to Abuja and you have to travel to Abuja to stay with him till you deliver. Is that okay?”

“Would she believe all these?” Joko asked again, sweating, nervous and jittery.

“Don’t bother yourself my dear, the secret won’t be known. I have the wits to convince her if she asked me any contrary question,” he replied.

“I’ll rent a house for you in Abuja and I’ll make sure I visit you regularly before you give birth to your baby and take proper care of you. The secret won’t be known. You’re the apple of my eyes, Joko. Your mum won’t be smart enough to discover the truth.” he added.

A couple of months later Mrs. Ekundayo realized that her daughter was pregnant and sat her down to inquire who was responsible for her pregnancy…
To be continued next week Saturday.

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