‘As A Man I Would Have Loved To Get Married But…’

Love and lifeI HAVE looked at the reasons women cheat and it does not make sense to me. They are weak reasons like, “we were having a difficult period. This guy was there for me emotionally, so one thing led to another” etc. After reading so many of their reasons/answers to cheating, I do not trust women can keep their integrity in the worst times in the marriage.

It seems to me the divorce laws are on their side and in my mind, the more I think of marrying a woman, the more I feel like I am throwing my chips on the roulette table. I always thought women wanted a good man, one who will stick to their woman forever, will give them love and affection e.t.c When I was young, before we went to classes, the whole school had to chant this “stick to one partner”. That is what I grew up to believe.

Men in my society were always viewed as the cheating type and women were posed in my society as great church full of truth and love. This is the world I believed in. I made a goal in my life because of this society I grew in that I would never have multiple partners when I am in a relationship with a woman and I have never cheated. But experience and reality has taught me that reverse is the case. That lovely church which I was told was women is all a big lie. I have been cheated on more than four times whilst I was being faithful to these women. I have seen the ugly truth

I do not know what I am going to do now I am 31years old. I would love to marry, have children but when I stand outside of that chapel, I look at the decoration and its beaut,y all my mind sees is darkness ahead not even a glimmer of light. I have lost faith in the female race.

I have to make a decision. A part of me wants to have as many women as possible to soothe the hatred I have for women nowadays because I can’t trust women to keep the end of the bargain which is commitment. What’s the point of keeping my part when the majority is a lie?

Another part of me says I should keep my integrity and hold to my principles because if I take the other decision, I will be just like that church which is a lie. I think the only reason why I want to keep this principle as well is because I fear God; he is like father to me. But I am confused. Anyone who has gone through this, I would like to know which choice you made and why you made that choice.

I hope you get what I am saying and what I am going through in my mind because I hate to hate that church but it can’t be helped when I witness what they do.

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