Analyst Tasks New Power Minister On Steady Electricity



AS the new ministers settle down to work public analysts and stakeholders have tasked them to live up to expectations by uplifting the well-being of Nigerians.

Dr Emmanuel Ogbomida of the Ecotoxicology and Environmental Forensic Unit National Centre for Energy and Environment (Energy Commission of Nigeria) University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State tasked the new minister of power to provide stable electricity for Nigerians.

He said there is the need for the new government to look into renewable energy as a source of energy generation for the country.

“Electricity is a major component in the requirements for effective industrialization and development. It is a desirable form of energy that can effectively deliver social services and help to lift Nigerians out of poverty, and enable economic growth.

“At the present, electricity generation in Nigeria is largely dependent on fossil fuel and hydropower despite the vast and diverse energy resources.

“More than half of the Nigerian population still has no access to electricity. For Nigeria to begin to unleash her enormous potential in all facet of the economy, the new minister of power must as a matter of urgency make renewable energy a high-priority in the Nigeria energy mix.

He must advance renewable energy technology through research and development. This will enhance the energy security of the country, establish a sustainable energy supply system and make electricity accessible to the rural dwellers.

The new minister must also ensure the urgent passage of the National Energy Policy and the National Renewable Energy Master Plan into law to encourage investment and the penetration of renewable energy technologies in the national economy. This will help to address the growing environmental concerns and limitations in the exploitation of conventional energy resources. The new minister must also focus on waste-to-energy (WTE) potential in Nigeria through investment in safe and cost-effective technology for the generation of electricity.”

Ogbomida said: “Modern waste-to-energy plants will be a potential solution to the uncontrolled municipal solid waste in our cities. Since energy and environment are inextricably linked he must also work with his counterpart in the Ministry of environment to ensure that all energy production and consumption do not impact on the environment negatively.

“Whilst it is often tempting to overlook the environment during difficult economic times such as the current state of Nigeria economy, the challenges of producing and using energy resources sustainably and protecting our natural environment equally must represent his focus to pursue sustainable electricity supply.”

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