Allow God to guide you

We don’t think much of spiritual guidance until we wish to marry, buy a house and consider which stock to invest in.

Divine guidance isn’t a hot line. The key to your knowing God’s will lies in asking: How often do I seek spiritual guidance when I am not facing any difficulties?

Two, in the Torah, God made a donkey speak (see Numbers 22:28). Now, what if the donkey had put on airs and considered itself an exalted spiritual class above all the others.

Three, for an excuse to do nothing, one man said he decided not to seek a certain job because it would be a sign of God’s will if he got it without trying.

Four, playing it safe, sometimes we don’t really want guidance, we want safety.

Decision-making can be scary and lonely. Even small decisions can create anxiety. God wants us to develop good judgment and there is no way to do that without making choices, taking risks and occasionally failing.

Jehovah wants mature children, not robots. His purpose isn’t just to get you to perform right actions, but to become the trustworthy person. He guides the humble in what is right (Psalm 25:9).

Five, you can be guided through prayer. God has a way of ordering your mental life on many levels at once. On one level, you may be thinking, discussing and seeing, but at a profound level, you may also be in prayer with gentle receptiveness to divine bearings.

Six, divine guidance may also come through obedience. What use is God’s guidance if you are not willing to use it? And what about the guidance you have already received from the scriptures?

Sometimes, you are persuaded by money, praise and property, all of which would make no difference, for they would be forgotten in a thousand years.

But the essence is the spirit that comes to a mindset upon continuous surrender, which is timeless life.

Seven, divine guidance through your faith in God, though some pastors use this as a ploy to get what they want from their congregation.

Do not throw out the baby with the birth water. Truly, you won’t grow spiritually if you close your mind from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You must believe that Jehovah really can and does speak to us. I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go (Genesis 28:15).

When someone talks to God, we say he is praying. Yet, when someone claims that God talks to him, we think he is loony.

But has God suddenly stopped speaking to his children? Would you stop speaking to yours? As the leaders of the reformation, Martin Luther King’s twin-John Calvin- described God’s guidance as the inner testimony of the Holy Spirit. Saint Ignatius Loyola called it movements of the soul, intuition, feelings, an assurance of God’s love or the call to do a certain thing.

To hear from God, you must be receptive or desperate. During a bad period in Jacob’s life, God appeared to him in a dream, saying: “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.”

When Jacob awoke, he said: “Surely Jehovah is in this place and I was not aware of it” (Genesis 28:16).

Do not let “not aware” of Jehovah’s presence apply to you. Truly, God can guide your thoughts without the influence of sounds and images.

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