The adventure called Adirondacks

I was on a group tour by Break The Media up north of New York to the Adirondacks region.

Home to mountains over five million years old in an area larger than Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone combined; the Adirondack region was the perfect answer to the balance of peace and adventure my soul constantly yearns for. Driving by sun-kissed lakes towards high peak mountaintops shadowed in trees; the region alone was pure magic in nature’s beauty.

The journey started in a mall called Destiny USA in Syracuse, absolutely random, but mind blowing. For shopaholics that travel with family, you simply have to check this place out. From its massive go-kart racing course, to a couple of large gaming centers, and even a golf course, we counted over twenty different locations that would distract folks not so keen on shopping while we shopaholics buy up a new shoe collection at DSW. Or better yet, spend a few hours trying out food from the twenty-one paged menu at the Cheesecake Factory.

After a few hours of indulging in our inner child and some good food, we drove off to the lodge we were staying at for the night, The Long View Lodge in Long Lake. From the main road, the lodge looks pretty unassuming and rustic until you stretch to see beyond its structure. Right behind the building is a picturesque view of a lake that beacons even the unromantic to grab a glass of wine, sit on one of the available rocking chairs with a blanket, and just be. Our night there set the bar impossibly high for other lodges with its rustic inviting rooms overlooking the lake and a dining experience that deserved a standing ovation. Tip: not all rooms come with a view, make sure to ask for one when you book. Dinner at the adjoining restaurant is a must if you are in the neighborhood.

The next day, we drove further north to Tupper Lake region and spent most of the day at The Wild Center. The weather was perfect and the hike through the elevated trails across the Adirondack treetops was a welcome way to watch animals roam in nature without human interruption. Within the center’s welcome area, a couple of hours were spent in an oddly relaxing experience of watching the lake world swim in their homes through the viewing glass. I still find it hard to believe that I spent over an hour watching an otter doing non-stop swimming laps and wishing I had more time to see if it would eventually take a break from the exercise.

With the beautiful weather holding up, we spent about two hours struggle canoeing around Raquette River’s Oxbow while learning a bit about the native wildlife we spotted. Note to self; turn body slowly when someone points at an animal minding its business behind me. Let’s just say that my canoe mates nearly found themselves tipped into the lake thanks to my overexcitement at trying to see as many creatures as possible. Hopefully, my video shows enough of the beauty that my text struggles to describe.

From The Wild Center, we drove less than an hour northeast to the host of 1980’s Winter Olympic Games, Lake Placid. Here we stayed at High Peaks Resort and the view from my room was breathtaking. From my room was an unobstructed view of the Mirror Lake with peaks of the Adirondack Mountains along side the length of the lake. The resort offered complimentary kayaks, paddleboards, and rowboats, and as soon as check in was done, I found myself kayaking on the lake and trying to absorb as much of nature’s beauty as possible. The resort is also in downtown Lake Placid, with a healthy number of bars open late for night owls within easy walking distance. I was keener on getting as much sleep as possible and woke early the next day to watch the sun rise over the mountains and the Mirror Lake. Bliss.

If you are keen on exploring these parts of New York State, plan for a weeklong stay with family and friends. The number of activities in these parts are overwhelmingly many and while a week barely scratches the surface, it is enough to whet the appetite and get you planning for another epic vacation.

Next stop, ramping up on the adventure meter by climbing the rocks of Ausable Chasm.

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