Council denies re-award of Abuja’s computer registration council building project

cpnCOMPUTER Professionals’ Registration Council of Nigeria (CRPN), has denied re-awarding the contract for the development of the Abuja Centre of Excellence.

A statement the President/Chairman of Council, Prof. Vincent Asor, last week said the clarification becomes necessary due to rumors that the initial contractor handling the project has been sacked.

CPN is a body charged with the control and supervision of the Computing Profession in the country.
The body, among other things, determines what standards of knowledge and skills are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the computing profession and improving those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit.
According to Professor Asor, no contract has been cancelled or terminated, neither has a new contractor been engaged or contract re-awarded to anybody.

Given details of the contract, Asor stated that the Centre’s building in Abuja commenced over five years ago.
“The building Contractor since then has been AE&E Associates with funding for the project coming from the capital development fund allocations from the Federal Government.

Though, the project was initially awarded with completion period slated for six-month duration. However, steady rising costs of materials and paucity of funds from the government couldn’t allow the work to progress as planned.

Renewal of rent for the current rented apartment where CPN’s Abuja office has been located over the last ten years has become unaccommodating with the little funds available, including the internally generated revenue”, he said, adding that rent for the current year, 2015, expired on October 31st 2015.
The Professor stated that prior to the expiration of the rent, the landlord had indicated his intention to increase the rent again, while the Council, at her 75th regular meeting last month resolved that resources should be directed at making a wing of the ground floor habitable so that Abuja office can move in and this was considered a better alternative than paying rent for another year.
“Landlord magnanimously gave CPN about six weeks grace to locate to her new office. It was in view of this that a supervisor was engaged to coordinate the various workers hired to make a wing on the ground floor of the uncompleted building for staff to use in the interim as a measure is to save cost and time considering the limited resources available,” he said.

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