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In his inaugural speech, President of the United State of America, Donald Trump emphatically re-echoed that it would be America first in the scheme of things, whether at home or abroad. He promised to give America back to the people, away from the few he claimed had hijacked the country.

Before now, America has been the big brother around the globe; playing leading roles in ensuring peace, as well as, providing humanitarian support. But under Trump, that is changing and it is premised on wanting to put America first.

That he was serious about putting America first in the scheme of things reflected in his decisions as president in the past two weeks. Not perturbed by the protests staged across different countries around the world on the day he was sworn-in, Trump, on his first working day, signed three executive memos and later followed it during the week with nine other executive memos. Ironically, all the memos were controversial, considering the reactions that trailed them.

The first of the executive memos withdrew the U.S. from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the second reinstated the Mexico City Policy dealing with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and abortion access, and a third freezes federal workforce hiring. 

He did not stop at that. He followed it with meeting chief executives of businesses demanding they return their production lines and factories to America. It was not just a fiat order, he was willing to support businesses with the appropriate business environment, as he was ready to cut regulations by 75 per cent and impose a major ‘border tax’ on goods manufactured abroad and sold in the United States.

Trump, it was reported told the business leaders at the breakfast meeting that businesses spend more time on paperwork, complying with government regulations than on making things.

“We want to start making our products again,” Trump said. “If you look at some of the original great people that ran this country, you will see they felt very strongly about that.”

Central to all his actions and decisions during his first seven days in office was the need to recover for America what he felt are the lost grounds, which resulted in America shipping its business opportunities and jobs to other lands. So, he wanted the businesses back home and jobs for the teaming unemployed in America.

Ironically, Trump is coming from the business background where deals are reached with profit as the over riding interest. But it seems the deals Trump is ready to cut are those that would make America first.

Providing a review of Trump’s stay in office, an historian, Olaide Babalola said one good thing about Trump is that he has mission and even before being sworn in, he has got his cabinet (key positions) ready.

“Upon being sworn in, he moved from rhetoric to action. He is redefining America. Although, many outside the U.S.A would not agree with him, but he has shown what leadership should typify.

“No doubt, he would make mistakes and learn from such. Definitely, he will change the balance of the world relations and power equation. I could observe France and some EU countries being in opposition against him, but that would only reinforce his stance on issues.

“Diplomatic rows would manifest, but none would try military actions. By and large, he has shown leadership, commitment and clear understanding of how he wants to run his government.”

Babalola noted that while campaigning, he emphasized on building a wall between the US and Mexico, many thought he was bluffing, but he has demonstrated that he knows what he wants.

“He admirably cancelled a President’s appointment with him, when he couldn’t agree on who is to bear the financial commitment. That shows being in control, unlike some of leaders in the third world countries. And many lessons to be learnt from him in that regard.

“One dangerous manifestation is that he might tend towards bullying. This would have much negative impact on global relations. One-week perspective of his actions shows he is on course on his electoral promises.”

Also reviewing Trump’s stay in office so far, a lecturer of International Relations at Covenant University, Rosemary Popoola, said his person, policies and perspective is a paradox of the values believed to guide American policies, whether at home or abroad.

She noted that before now, the belief is that America is guided first by the interest of her people, empathy, human rights, which include rights of minority, women to mention a few.

“Except the argument of some is true; that America preaches abroad what it does not practice at home and that America’s own hypocrisy is catching up with her.”

She however stated that events in the past two weeks had further divided the country more than anytime in recent history, noting that his words and actions are not reflective of a leader that is willing and working assiduously to build bridges to connect with others.

“His policy and perspective has created an atmosphere of fear, apprehension and uncertainty. Some of his perspectives on issues take, for instance, the environment may likely reverse the progress that has been made to raise awareness and support on environmental issues both in America and around the world.

“On the global level, his actions are likely to exacerbate global tension and increase the anti-America sentiment from around the world, but most especially the countries with Muslim majority.

“It is taking America back to her era of Isolationism. This was an era after World Wars when US decided to be less involved in global affairs. Had US continued to maintain isolationist stance, we would not be talking about the free world today. And isolationism in this age and stage of human evolution is choosing to live alone when you have opportunity to do so with others and reap the benefit that such offers, while also sharing the burden

Popoola maintained that Trump’s actions are not surprising when considered from the premise of his campaign promises. “My concern, however, among others is that America is not living up to the spirit and letter of her values, as well as, the democracy that America holds dear, which it has preached for decades abroad and seeks to make other nations adopts and adapt.

“While it may appear too late to change him as President of US since impeachment may be difficult, those who may be most negatively affected by his policies must engage every constitutional means available to voice or register their discontent with his policies, person and his perspectives both on national and global issue,” Popoola said.

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