‘PDP needs the best presidential candidate to conquer’

Mustapha Sule Lamido

Ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential primary election at the weekend, the party’s candidate for Jigawa Southwest Senatorial District, Mustapha Sule Lamido, has tasked PDP delegates to work assiduously and ensure that the best candidate is elected from the many aspirants, saying that it was the only way the party would reclaim its credibility.

Mustapha, whose father is also among the presidential aspirants contesting the party’s presidential ticket, said it is only by coming out positively and strongly after the presidential primary with a formidable candidate can it confront the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) and come out victorious. He stated that there is no cohesion in APC at the moment based on the party’s chaotic primary elections and divisions over direct and indirect system, adding that it is clear to ­Nigerians that the ruling party cannot even organise it’s own primary without rancor.

While decrying the lack of purposeful leadership in APC, Mustapha said Nigerians are yearning for change. He, therefore, urged PDP leaders to do all within the law to produce the best candidate. He said: “Even though my father is contesting, the party should give Nigerians the best product that can checkmate APC. Vested interest and selfish agenda should be put aside; let Nigeria be the main issue as it is greater than anyone. What can the leaders leave behind for us as their own legacy? It is the country and if they don’t give us the best candidate we are going to have problem in PDP. They should bring out a candidate that would be acceptable to all so that we can checkmate APC.”

The younger Lamido said his aspiration to represent the people of the district had nothing to do with hiding under the influence of his father, remarking that having come of age he was bound to take independent decisions.He stated, “As an individual I understand my background; I come from a very strong and profound background with very rich culture, tradition and religion. I know I have a serious task to keep the flag flying,” stressing that he has no reason to disappoint the people, especially with the political dynamics of his father that spans over 40 years.

Insisting that his father has set a benchmark that he cannot demean, Lamido Jnr declared: “I can only improve and even do better than my father. I have come of age; the saying that the first step of civilization is from parental foothold cannot be disputed because I have always seen my father as a role model and an icon, so my aspiration is to be like him and possibly do better that is my dream.

“But one thing is sure. I will not relax to depend on his influence because I have an academic background in political science and with a masters degree in financial affairs and diplomacy. “I studied political science and I know what governance is all about. I know why diplomacy is needed in governance. All my life I have always seen my father in government, as a leader, and how he has been helping people

“It is my hope to do greater exploits than even my father. I am 35 years of age; I am an adult. I can decide on what to do and to let you know that I am not attached to the apron string of my father but the fact remains that I need his blessing to go ahead and explore to carve a niche for myself.” Lamido Jnr. stated that the major problem the country faces today is the lack of justice and fairness, noting that people of Jigawa Central have witnessed poor representation over the years.

“There are so many good things that can be brought down as dividends of democracy, but because we have poor leaders as exhibited by APC,” he said. They were elected into the National Assembly but they lack the voice to speak for the people.”On the recent flood disaster that happened in the state, Mustapha said it has become a perennial problem without proactive measures being taken by the leaders to nip the problem in the bud.

He noted, “Flood disaster is not a new issue; It had been there it is an ecological challenge. The leaders should get to its roots and see how the flood issue can be tackled once and for all; there is ecological fund. Let it be directed towards taking proactive measures against any possible disaster. The river can be dredged while roads should built with drainages so that when flood comes it can easily find its level.”

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