Lagos APC, PDP bicker over Ambode’s assets declaration



WORRIED by the failure of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to publicly declare his assets, since he assumed office on May 29, the Lagos State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on him to do so on or before June 29 as it also charged him to make public the details of the handover notes and assets of his predecessor, Governor Raji Fashola.

PDP said it is expedient for Ambode to take up the demand as a moral challenge otherwise “he will be labelled “Governor Pretender’ throughout his tenure.

But in a quick response, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) dismissed the demand. It said the ousted President Goodluck Jonathan refused to make public his assets for over six years and the PDP shielded him despite the position of the law.

It however said that Ambode would declare his assets “as at when due.”

The PDP Spokesman, Taofik Gani who described Ambode’s action as an affront to the people of the state further noted that the deliberate neglect “to this call will however compel us and other well meaning Lagosians to explore the relevance of the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act on the matter”

The party said the necessity for Ambode and Fashola to make public their assets is more ignited by the huge foreign and local debts of near a trillion naira, now left behind by Fashola, whom it alleged has been linked to many personal bank accounts and property within and outside the country.

According to Gani, “Mr. Ambode is under compelling moral duty to make public what he currently has as assets. This is a spice to the requirement of Asset Declaration before the Code of Conduct Bureau. He must also not conceal the assets declaration of his predecessor.

“All these facts should be laid bare in the public for the governor to gain the respect and confidence of Lagosians as a genuine servant and not a pretender servant.”

Reiterating her stance, the PDP explains that: “this new dimension to demand Governor’s Asset declaration is provoked by the fact of sudden stupendous wealth the two last governors of the state have been linked to within and outside the country, even in the face of under-performance and huge debts now left behind by especially the immediate past governor, Raji Fashola.

“The PDP has asked every true democrat and lover of the state to participate in this demand for the governor to declare his asset and also make public the post service assets declared by the immediate past governor.”

The APC Spokesman, Joe Igbokwe in his reaction said there is no need to respond to PDP antics “If the laws demand that a public officer should declare his assets why not. But the moribund PDP that has been fighting itself since it lost election has been pretending to be in existence.”

He said, “This same party shielded former President Jonathan for more than six years and he left without declaring his assets. Now where lies the moral justification for this reckless demand?”

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  • Abi Balogun

    I don’t understand why APC spokesperson thinks to ask the Governor to declare his assets is “reckless Demand” as he called it. I don’t know why this politician thinks they are all above the law. I don’t know why this is a big deal unless you have some thing to hide? The same goes for every politician that have served or currently serving. Why do we even have FOIA? The citizen cannot request this information from the CCB without jumping through hoop of endless paper work for years and filling court papers to get this information without any success. God bless our country with these mess. We the people needs to start holding our leaders, politician accountable and require each and everyone that wants to hold public office to declare publicly his or her assets publicly. This is not about APC, PDP, APGA, Labour, or SDP, is the moral thing to do unless they have something to hide.

  • disqus_TqtX9FBrCN

    reckless demand ???
    Wow !!!