Enugu North: The sun will rise again

Hon. Chinedu Eya

In other Senatorial precincts across the country where democracy is at work, things are simply looking up and quite suitable, following their qualitative representations at the Senate.

In such districts, there is barely a social convenience and federal projects that cannot be found therein, courtesy of their parliamentarians as evident, dividends of democracy are touchable.

Of a verity, such truly distinguished Congressmen hold their shoulders high as “chosen officials” representing their privileged people in the coveted chamber of the country for the job of law-making.

And their admirers are happier for the competence and asset of their choices in the viable Nigerian Senate, where every Lawmaker tries daily to outwit one another while employing every necessary legislative apparatus.

But in Enugu North Senatorial Zone, genuine and responsive leadership in this part of the world has for long become a far cry, wishful thinking, futile voyage and mere expedition.

Here, People simply dreadfully seek and eventually clinch elective offices to augment themselves, rape and probably, smash the system.

This is exactly what they mean when they brazenly bandy the moribund sayings of “opportunity coming but ones “and the “National cake” chant we hear every day.

The challenging question this writer has grappled to answer is not “why we are punished with such unscrupulous leadership” in the zone but how to unwind the conspiracy of our collective silence.

Our people seem to have been conquered in Enugu North and beaten into silence by this general misrule, maladministration and arbitrary use of power, which is largely a brainchild of poorness.

We appear to have accepted to enduringly live with the deplorable roads, poor Medicare and general lack of basic amenities we are bequeathed by these folks, following their elections.

But how did we end up in silence when we are charged by the democratic system to speak, if faced with such circumstances? How then did we end up mum and dumb in an unworkable system when we could have refuted same?

The heart-rending silence of our elite in this imbroglio can only mean conspiracy or collusion. The retention of such retrogressive elements in the zone by our own people can only mean cowardice and loss of our collective template.

But “the sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset, the colour that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again,” Ram Charan·

It is here I am upbeat the current development in our zonal polity where Youths of various Local Governments across the Zone are queuing and mounting pressure on Hon. Chinedu Eya to declare for Senate will soon produce results.

Hon. Chinedu, a Business and Entrepreneur Management graduate, international businessman and chairman of Prices Gift platinum Ltd, R-Mark Schmidt Consultancy Ltd and Eya. Ng Ltd; has over 500 Enugu North employees across the country.

He is equally the National Convener and Coordinator of “Why it must be PDP in 2019” (WIMBPDP2019) as well as the state wide Initiator of “No Vacancy in the Lion Building, Gburugburu till 2023.”

Yet, Chinedu is not moved by these accomplishments. Instead, he has remained even meeker. His head has stayed same size God crafted it. And his shoulders, tucked-in the original way.

Little wonder the choice of Chinedu by these concerned Youths did not come as a surprise. It is only a reaffirmation of the words of Debasish Mridha who once said: “even if you cover the whole world with darkness, you can never stop the sun from rising.”

Hon. Eya is, therefore, our biggest bet come 2019. He has got the human face, the technical know-how and showmanship required of a Senator. He is an intellectual and obsessed with brilliance, humour and every sense of responsibility.

While this uncommon son of Enugu North continues his consultations with Party Leaders and kinsmen in the Zone, following pressures for him to run for Senate come 2019, my prayer is that he would heed this noble call to offer himself for service.

Meanwhile, the task of rescuing this zone from the clutches of its murderers, usurpers and rapists is a collective responsibility every well-meaning Enugu North indigene must spearhead.

The duty of freeing a zone beleaguered with poor representation, lack of visionary ideas and over-all absence of social amenities is a collective effort.

Let us, therefore, hand over the gauntlet to Honourable Chinedu Eya, Ohamadike Ndigbo (11) Na Nsukka to steer the ship of this enviable zone to the Canaan of our dreams.

Gwiyi Solomon is a Media Assistant to Hon. Chinedu Eya. He wrote from Enugu

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