CDHR faults Lagos govt’s N150 million donation to IDPs in Adamawa, Borno, Yobe


Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode

THE Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) yesterday condemned the recent public presentation of the sum of N150 million to the three governors of the northeastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe by the Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for the Internally-Displaced Persons (IDPs).

CDHR in a statement by its National President, Malachy Ugwummadu, said whereas the presentation merely appeals to the sentiments of the situation; it has fundamentally exposed the misplaced priority and imprudent application of Lagos State resources.

Consequently, the members of CDHR said as law-abiding citizens and tax-payers within the Lagos territorial space, they feel obligated to protest such an incredulous donation in the circumstances of our times.

According to the group, there is no doubt that the motive could be to lend helping hands to his brother-governors who may be in distress arising from the crises of internally-displaced persons brought about by the ravaging violence of the “Boko Haram” insurgents. It is not just a financial gesture in sympathy but also in empathy.

Yet, it is also incontrovertible that there are handful of internally-displaced persons in Lagos. Scores of Lagosians are displaced by the high incidences of building collapse, airplane crashes, excessive flood disasters and other environmental mishaps and challenges, including escapees from the northeastern Nigeria”, the group said.

CDHR argued that the Lagos Legislative House of Assembly did not appropriate the whopping sum of N150 million already deployed in such public show of patronage, insisting that the state plays host to a greater number of unemployed youths owing to massive unemployment ratio in the country compounding the insecurity index in the state.

According to CDHR, it is a common knowledge that besides the highbrow areas of Ikeja, Lagos Island and Victoria Island, there are more deplorable roads in Lagos State than in the three northeastern states put together. Proper prioritisation of the vast needs of the people of Lagos State would have dictated that such money be applied to other areas of priority for social amenities.

You will also recall that the Federal Government had disbursed special rescue fund to victims of the North-East and particularly built IDP centres across the states, including Abuja.

The principles of federalism envisages a healthy socio-economic and political competition among the federating but not a “big brother” stature as Ambode now pushes Lagos State to assume”, the group added.

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  • Obafemi Bank-Olemoh

    The donation made by Governor Ambode, is well intentioned, purposeful and will be impactful. I as a Lagosian fully support him and his Government.

    Thank you,

    Obafemi O. Otolorin.

    • Ben Mustafa

      Sounds like they want some attention…

    • Adewumi Adegbenro

      This group is just a political group of mindless and ignorant individuals. The fact that the governor donated 150 million to victims of terrorism doesn’t mean he is not concerned about the welfare of Lagosians.

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  • mikemazi

    “Good,” nay a shame, to see an obviously as is apparent wrongly-led and wrongly-thinking group, so-named ‘committee for the defence of human rights’, reveal themselves for what they are — a bunch of mindless reckless unfeeling jugglers of sentiments,facts and realities, who do not see beyond their nose, talkless of seeing the big-picture that Governor Ambode sees.
    The Governor, you disgraceful bunch of people sure reason even though you did not voice it out very clearly, would have given you cynical people, who are obviously mindless insensitive mocking and disgustingly depraved as you are crass a bunch of disgraceful Nigerians, the 150 million Naira to spend. Your thinking and pronouncement is shocking, not from people who fight to protect human rights, you sure abuse human rights as you have proved to the world judging by words you insensitively throw around and about yourselves. Anybody can be in that messy position or worse as we all know and see it the world over.
    The point you should be making were you Patriotic sensitive fellow-feeling Nigerians of sound minds and heads, should at least been around and about the thoughts — that the Governor Ambode have done well but should endeavour to do as much, if not better than that good stride done to our fellow country-men and women up North so affected by the terrible menace of Boko-Haram amongst others with whom we are in solidarity sharing their hurts, (many of whom are if any body must know from Lagos state), for the many similarly displaced and despondent Lagosians in Lagos who are in no lesser dire-straights presently !!!
    Being HUMANE,HUMAN,CONSIDERATE, APPROPRIATE amongst others, are a must for every one commenting on any of the diverse delicate issues of Nigerian national importance in our media space I must tell you all, and they are far much more so needed as guiding qualities they are any day any time for organisations, religious groups or ethnic and or socio-cultural platforms that diversely claim pursuit of citizen/human-rights defence related goals and agenda.
    CDHR please turn a new leaf and fastest too !!!!

  • christopher

    Charity must begin at home…

  • Samuel Ogunyemi

    E ro temi ni pe: Omo eni ki ise idi bebere ki afi ileke si idi omo elomiran sugbon ti awon Igbimo ile asofin ipinle Eko ba ti fi owo sii, abuse buse O

  • Emiko

    If I was the governor of Lagos State I would have channeled that money to save the people in Apapa area of Lagos from constant traffic gridlock and also the poor in Agegule area in Lagos in terms of new roads repairs.

  • Adewumi Adegbenro

    This group is just a political group of mindless and ignorant individuals. The fact that the governor donated 150 million to victims of terrorism doesn’t mean he is not concerned about the welfare of Lagosians. These are the same pple that will be asking the Americans to come to their aid when there is any humanitarian crisis. Come to America and you will see a lot of homeless pple, but if there is urgent humanitarian need anywhere, USA will be the first to respond because that is the right thing to do. The fact that the American government and people respond to humanitarian needs everywhere in the world doesn’t mean we don’t care for the less privileged pple here. Other states should emulate the Lagos state government and help victims of humanitarian crisis in Nigeria before calling on other countries to support. After all, like this silly idiotic group is trying to say, Charity begins at home.

  • Brother James

    This guy Ambode is behaving like Gowon who said money was not a problem to Nigeria, it is how to spend it. He voted only N90BN to inner city roads in Lagos and went to North East to splash N150bn. I believe he has not been to Agege, Iyana-Ipaja, Dopemu, Iju, Shasha, Ajegunle Badagry express road and such places, recently. There must be more to this donation because this guy looks smarter than that.

    After all the treasury looting perpetrated by his predecessor, i thought God will give us someone better but nay! a father christmas. We need to get back to the prayer room.

  • shakara123

    Nobody should complain when there is no money to pay salary or pension. Just send them to the Northeast