‘Buhari Needs Time’



Following his inauguration on May 29, some Nigerians told GODWIN IJEDIOGOR that President Muhammadu Buhari needs some time to implement his programmes for them to impact on the people, just as other see better days ahead, with his assumption of office.

For Goddy Uwazurike, lawyer and president of Aka Ikenga, Buhari is coming into office carrying the burden of unreasonable expectation of people.

“To many people, he has the magic wand to solve all the problems of Nigerians. It appears like the superman is here.

“He has a good reputation, which will work well for him, but he needs time, he stated.

Uwazurike urged Nigerians to be patient and support the President 100 per cent.

Osita Okechukwu, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Buhari’s inauguration signals better times ahead for Nigerians, in terms of prosperity, good governance and better international image for our dear country.

He said Buhari’s assumption of power has renewed hope, stimulated reawakening and rekindled confidence that all is not lost in Nigeria.

“And truly, I am one of those who sincerely believe that he will not disappoint the good people of Nigeria, even those who did not vote for him.

“Buhari will honour the holy trinity of democracy, which are the observation of social contract, guarantee of freedom and implementation of free and fair elections, contrary to the opinion of those who try to equate his disposition during his military days and his present disposition as a converted democrat,” he added.

Okechukwu assured that the President would not infringe on the freedom of the people and will honour the social contract between him and the good people of Nigeria, but would obey the rule of law and will not engage on impunity, ostensibly bearing in mind his antecedents as military ruler in the 1980s.

According to him: “Some easily forget that he is the only person who was in our sojourn into liberal democracy not drafted to be president or prime minister in the history of the country.

“They also forget that in the three times he lost the presidential election, he spent over 50 months in court.

“The Lemu panel vindicated him that he did not sponsor the post-2011 electoral violence.

I am one of those who is of the opinion that his celestial bond with the Nigerian masses is based on the truism that he places public good above personal interest.”

As a result, he believed Buhari’s mass appeal is not a fluke, but one cultivated genuinely and innocently, via his uncommon integrity and statesmanship.

“There is no doubt that Buhari is a man of destiny. Like in his first outing in January 1984, his primary objective remains to save our dear nation from total collapse.

“The twin evils- corruption and insecurity- remain the major challenges that one believes Buhari will tackle with dexterity, candour and sense of purpose.

“He will wage strident war against corruption and restore the morale of the military. This is the bedrock of his campaign, his pledge and the manifesto of our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“He will reappraise economic policies, as he does not believe that government has no business in business. What others call business, he call critical infrastructure, without which no meaningful development will take place,” he stated.

The President’s pedigree, as war against corruption warlord, the APC chieftain noted, has always been fingered as the reason he is the darling of Nigerian masses and loathed by Nigerian elites.



“In fact, the looters of our economy are aware that it is not going to be business as usual,” he stressed.

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