APC group decries conspiracy against Tinubu



The Action Group caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has decried the actions of those ganging up to fight the National Leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu The group in a statement yesterday said anyone fighting the APC leader after benefitting immensely from his political sagacity and financial support would surely live to regret their acts of indiscipline, insubordination and attempt at destroying the ladder that took them to the top.

In the statement signed by its spokesperson, Segun Dipe, the group observed that some elements that believed that they could maintain their popularity only by denigrating Tinubu kept on telling lies against him.

“These conspirators are filled with venom and they consist of too many craven and irresponsible politicians who are nothing more than the lap dogs for those oil barons, financial offenders and other mafias guilty of keeping us down after having brought us to the state of forlorn hope”, the group said The group however assured that the game plan of the conspirators and backstabbers will not stand the test of time, describing them as parasites with superficial roots who will soon fall like pack of cards.

It added, “We are all advocates of change, we worked very hard to attain it, and they also joined us to chant and chorus “APC…CHANGE.” Yet deep down in their heart, they did not want a change in the status quo. Rather they are only after a change that will improve their fortune and betray their benefactors.

They aspire to collaborate with our oppressors and leave us alone in our state of poverty. Nothing will change as long as these ones betray our collective aspirations and bite the fingers that feed them.”

According to APC AG, “Tinubu has been there for a while; he is a long-distance runner and will surely survive their intrigues. To undermine his role in the struggle for change is to want to put our progress in reverse gear. Nigerians who agitated for the change and made great sacrifice to get it will for sure be the losers for it.

“It recalled that the history of Nigeria was replete with such act of betrayal and its attendant repercussions. He likened Tinubu to Chief Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory who was betrayed and conspired against, forcing things to tend towards chaos.

But Awolowo wriggled out of the crisis on several occasions while his betrayers sank deep in the pit they dug for him, he eventually nicknamed himself Eebudola”

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  • Taju Olaniyi

    Hmmmmm, the Jagaban. From IBB on June 12 to Abacha on NADECO to OBJ on Do or Die PDP.

    No body is perfect, but you a great. We Hope again after Hope 93 was lost.

  • Pat Chukwuelue

    In the 3rd to the last paragraph, the Editor erroneously stated that Nigerians who agitated for the change would for sure be the great losers. This is his imagination. Nigerians are watching quite clearly and closely. They are not interested in personalities but in action. The certainly would not allow anyone to rubbish their struggle.

  • Oluwafemi Taiwo Ogunbiyi

    Who is this Segun Dipe that is comparing Tinubu to Awolowo? Make no mistake about it,there is no bases for comparison. Awolowo stood for the intresr of the whole Yoruba race and meritocracy and he was unlike your Tinubu whose first focus is himself and family and his favoured cronies stragetically placed to fleece and bring in the goods. Senator, governor, asiwaju, jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Haba! In this country, Kwankwanso was a senator before he became governor, you never heard of him been refered to as senator, governor, Kwankwanso. Please, dont insult the memory of the late sage by mention Tinubu in the same breath with Awolowo. Awo! That name is hallowed and saintly. Please, dont contaminate it.

  • Olu

    It’s truly not out of place based on all the speculations to draw some similarities between the great Awo and Mr. Tinubu for the following reasons. They are both great Yoruba leaders as demonstrated by the outcome of the results of several elections conducted in nigeria to date. They have both been the ones to have fielded winner governors in the southwest. I imagine the out of touch Afenifere leaders can collaborate this.

    There are similarities also in the fact that their anointed governors appear to always out perform their opponents as evident by side by side comparative analysis. This is most evident in the states of Ogun, osun, Oyo and Edo. Lagos is always a standout and they can both take claim for that, this is where everybody love to come to as far as Nigeria is concerned. Many thanks to these illustrious Yorubas for their exemplary leadership.

    There are a whole lot of other similarities too numerous to mention. Despite his shortcomings let’s give it up to Asiwaju. Not unlike The great Awo the us against Awo that never moved nigeria forward is fast becoming us against Tinubu except on the later the jury is still out………….. My take is 2 – 1 will always equal 1.

  • Deji Fadina

    My sentiment exactly.

    These Ajeniseni Mesujamba are wasting their time.

    APC just needs to keep the faithfuls calm and focused on the task ahead.

    There will be lots of vipers striking at their feet along the way.

    Just treat them with contempt.

    Focus and move on relentlessly.

    Nigerians do not have the luxury of waiting.

    Know them, anticipate and thwart, if not eliminate totally, all their nuisance value

    Mostly, keep them at bay.

    Stop trying to be too nice

    Don’t give in to any of their treacherous hugs

  • Ikorodua

    Tinubu is a towering Yoruba figure. No Yoruba-man will EVER EVER attain his political status, with or without ‘CERTIFICATE’, period. Next.

    • Nat

      Which political status he attained that has never attained many times by the yorubas and others. Is it the governor or senator he was that people never been before or is he the first person to help candidate assume presidential office. It has been happening. I dont really see anything special in this tinubu saga. Or is he the richest man. May be he is the richest in yoruba but not in igbo or hausa or any other tribe.

  • Tinubu must carry every single member of APC along irrespective of when they joined the APC and or are members of his own coalition that formed the APC. The National Assembly leadership crisis would have been completely avoided if the party had shun the temptation to side with a candidate.

  • Kwubochi

    North has taken back power, case close.

  • tunde008

    Saraki will surely reap the fruit of this evil plot against the change Nigerians voted for. The PDP in saraki is still very much active. But the devil has thrown him up as it did with GEJ.Saraki will also fall. Nobody is greater than the will of the people of Nigeria. Saraki disrespected the President, his party hierarchy, and the general change Nigerians voted for. Saraki is playing a very dirty politics.Saraki’s action should be condemned by every peace loving Nigerian.