Whither the police?

Nigerian policeSIR: I have met many a fine policeman most of whom are only unlucky enough to work in a degenerate system.

On two occasions when I went to  police stations to seek bail for persons who had minor scuffles, I was asked by police officers on duty at the ‘counter,’ for money to procure ‘Izal,’ ‘Detol,’ and ‘tissue paper,’ before I could see these persons.

That Nigeria is under-policed is not in doubt, equally not contestable is the fact that over 150,000 police officers are posted to the homes of private individuals to serve as security men opening gates for politicians, ex-politicians and some non-nationals and are paid nickels as weekly pin money. These men who should be in the forefront of chasing criminals.

Some petty, self-serving people assume that dignity is established by the acquisition of titles and wealth purloined from the state. When they flaunt their over-inflated status they reduce Officers of the State to chaperons for their wives and kinsmen, allowing them to carry umbrellas to shield their charges from rain and to carry their shopping bags. How can these police officers be expected to remain loyal to a state that demeans them to this level of indignity and servitude?

Simon Abah,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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