When will enough be enough with Nigerians?

Sir: Why do most Nigerians like grandstanding? Why do Nigerians like to cry more than the bereaved? We are where we are today as a people because of our ways of life. It’s high time we desisted from dressing up in a borrowed robe.

I wish Nigerians can refrain from trading in unfounded rumours that are not substantiated, which invariably can do damage to national psyche and nation building. The brouhaha that greeted the misguided executive orders being rolled out by American president have found their ways into the warped lexicon of the Nigerian cyborgs.

The agents and carriers of doomsday gospel should think twice before causing irreparable damages. Why not wait until Nigeria is included, or at least get clarification from credible source(s) before circulating the bad news?

Nowhere in the controversial executive order was the issuance of visa for Nigerians mentioned. Why the hullabaloo? “Buhari is dead today”, “Buhari is sick tomorrow”, these are rumours being peddled about a president who deserves a rest after a year of work to make Nigeria great again. Nigerians’ psyche is their deadliest enemy. No wonder, religion is thriving with huge intakes from Peters to pay Pauls.

Gullible people are easily swayed by some authors of bad news to create unnecessary fear. Most Nigerians don’t just jump on the bandwagon, they drive it, not alone but with other co-drivers.

The Federal Government of Nigeria  through the Nigerian embassy in New York, USA should allay everyone’s fears on this unfounded rumour. There should be official clarification on all crucial issues.  We should be alive to our social and national responsibilities.
Enough should be enough!
Yahaya Balogun,Arizona, USA.  

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