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President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

I used to feel only disgust for Trump whenever I heard or saw him on television. I still do not care to listen to what he has to say or do. But, I am now gradually coming to accept that the man is simply giving voice to the unspoken thoughts of many. Even those who are speaking out against him.

The only difference between his supporters, of which there are many, and some of his opponents is that the former now have someone to voice their unspoken feelings, and Trump gives them cover to act out that which they have wished all along. Unfortunately, I dare say that many of his “white” opponents harbor the same feelings, but are too embarrassed or astounded that his is giving voice to their feelings.

Perhaps this group is afraid that by voicing their inner feelings, Trump is exposing them and endangering their hidden agenda. Anyone familiar with the United States of America, will sooner or later realize that its bed rock philosophy is “institutionalized exploitation” by the controlling class, who are mainly of European extraction (the so-called White people).

That exploitation has been, and is still promoted by, first, dehumanizing the victim and then using that as a basis for expropriating their possession or debarring them from participating in the fruits of the society, even when the victims have contributed a great measure to the cultivation of these fruits.

American history, as  taught in schools, up to the University level, is mostly based on these myths and propaganda. In the face of this manipulated and managed ignorance, I really wonder, and doubt if one can really expect to talk sense to the misguided American, for whom Trump is only a spokesperson.
The only thing that an “exploiter” understands is grudging acceptance and avoidance of confrontation with those who have the strength or ability to stand up against them. We saw this in America according “white-man” status to Japan as far back as the last century, while considering all other Asians as sub-human.

Today, with the economic and technological ascendancy of the countries of China and India, we are seeing a shift in attitudes toward these countries and their immigrants in America, who until now have been treated badly and called derogatory names.

The message in all of this for Africans, at home and in the diaspora, is that no matter how much we think we have contributed to the development in America or Europe, institutionalized philosophy of exploitation can never grant recognition or status to the “exploited”.

The imbibers of that philosophy see the “exploited” as objects to be exploited, either overtly or covertly. Therefore, no amount of pointing out the contributions of members of the exploited group will change anything to staunch supporters of this philosophy, like Trump.

Otherwise, it will mean questioning the basis of that philosophy, and so upset the status quo that it would result in a scramble for position in a new pecking order. And, who wants to take that chance, especially now that the population of the underdog class is gradually growing into the majority.

No doubt, this shift in population, along with their seeing no way out of the hitherto mantra of one man one vote is raising serious alarms in the minds of the white race who now face the real prospect of losing control. Desperate people will say and do desperate things.

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