Tithe: Let’s get it right

Sir: I have realised that keeping quiet in the face of dishonesty is UNGODLY and seeing people doing or following the wrong lane which you know but could not retrieve their steps by guiding them in the right path is equally UNGODLY. It is very unfortunately that some churches now produce “Tithe Forms” or Cards for each of their members in order to keep records of tithe payment so as to easily monitor and spot those who pay their tithes and likewise identify those who don’t pay. The “men of God” from the churches in question go after members who fail to pay their tithes and trouble them to do so as if these members have borrowed money from them but don’t want to pay back. Is that fair? It is high time truth is told; people should be enlightened and rescued from the hands of these men of God. Many of these people who parade themselves as men of God care more about enriching themselves with offering, funds, and other contributions from church members. They pay lips service to the truth gospels that supposed to be preached for people to change, repent and be saved.

If this practice persists, I am afraid that one day many people will be barred from attending church service for not paying their tithes. It is not documented anywhere in the Holy Bible that Jesus Christ keeps records of his followers who pay tithe and troubles those that were not paying to do so. He only educated people about tithe by letting them know that if they fail to pay their tithes, it means they are robbing God. Note: it is not recorded anywhere in the Holy Bible that tithes must be taken to the church and be paid to a priest before it will be accepted by God. Stop misleading people please.

Paying of tithe must not necessary be in the church. One can feed the poor with his or her tithe and God will be happy, one can convert his tithe to scholarship and issue it to a child whose parents may not afford to educate him in school and God will accept and be happy, one can take the responsibility of someone’s hospital bill by using his or her tithe and God will be glad. The list is endless. It should not be only church, it must not be given only to the pastors or men of God before it will be recognised as tithe, forms or cards must not be produced for the members of your church before they pay their tithes, records on tithes’ payment must not be kept before your church members could pay tithes and you must not go asking them for tithe before they can pay.

Note that LOVE conquers all. Please, focus your preaching more on loving one another, preach peace and unity, kick against corruption in your preaching, preach the truth fearlessly even when the president is in the church or mosque, even when the state governor is in attendance, even when a minister is sitting there in the church, even when there is a senator or any other political office holder in the congregation. When the spirit of God is in you, you don’t compromise and you don’t feel scared when telling the truth. When you preach about LOVE and your members’ embrace it, they will pay their tithes willingly without being pressurised because LOVE conquers all.
Awunah Pius wrote from Mpape, Abuja.

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